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Mobile-Optimized Website Development


Recent statistics have shown that these days are more and more users are visiting websites on their mobile devices and run searches on their smart phones rather than on their desktop or laptop computer. The rate at which mobile technology is growing far surpasses the rate of growth for any other medium in history. This means that today's smartphone and tablet users are looking for information online, through their mobile devices, about you and your organization.

Many businesses are realizing that mobile applications are not the only solution for effective web presence, rather it's an ideal mix of mobile-optimized websites and apps. Businesses are creating extensive mobile marketing strategies so that their websites, landing pages and all such information is easily accessible to end users. Xceltrait works closely with each client to develop a comprehensive and flexible mobile marketing and implementation campaign strategy, starting with an optimized mobile website.


Xceltrait can help deliver mobile-optimized websites which feature:

  • Automatic syncing with your regular website. Any changes you make on your regular site are automatically updated in your mobile site for free.
  • Business location and phone numbers are placed in optimal positions to increase calls and conversions.
  • Clicking on Phone number directly initiates the call without going to dialpad.
  • Ability to read text without zooming or scrolling.
  • Wordpress friendly – Handles WordPress sites seamlessly.
  • Site loads in less than the recommended loading time of five seconds.