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Project Management

Many projects fail to achieve the expected business outcomes despite extensive investment of time and money. The lack of success can be attributed to a variety of reasons like the complexity of the project, poor management, lack of clarity around methodology use, change management or skilled team shortage.


Xceltrait has partnered with FiT4 ProjectsTM, who with their line of Project Management tools, methodology and training help organizations get back to the basics of delivering projects.


A simple process that people actually follow is more   rigorous than a complex project everyone avoids!

Predictive vs Adaptive

65% of Methodologies are the same concept - but how do you know, when or if you need the other 35%.

Right Sizing

Project Toolbox Concept - To right size your projects and only use the tools you need!

Simulation Training

Immediate application of newly learned principles in a fun engaging team role-playing game

So what is our Essential Project Management FrameworkTM?
Establish, Plan, Manage and Finish
  • Essential Project Management FrameworkTM (EPMFTM) is a simple, flexible project management framework that works to assist organizations in reducing the complexity of projects by establishing a minimum or "essential" level of project management for projects.
  • FiT4 Right Size Project ManagementTM (RSPMTM) increases the accuracy and speed of planning and delivery of projects by helping organizations learn to assess the complexity of projects early, aligning approach and "right-sizing" projects to use only the tools and documentation needed.
Please ask us how we can bring the power of simplifying project management to your organization.