On or Offsite, On or Offshore, On Demand!
Do you have more ServiceNow demand than you can meet?
Are ServiceNow consultants too expensive?
Can you get skilled help easily — when you need it?

Administration Support

Xceltrait, through multiple combinations of offsite and / or offshore resources can assist with administration of your ServiceNow instance. We can:

  • Perform routine maintenance including performance monitoring and error identification/ remediation
  • Schedule and verify instance clones Manages Instance Security,
    User/Group Access/Access Control Lists
  • Update Lists / Forms / Navigation Panes
  • Create new Tables and Fields
  • Upgrade instances and patch management.
  • Reporting and scheduling.

Development Support

Xceltrait, through multiple combinations of onsite, offsite and offshore resources can assist with remediation / development within your existing ServiceNow instance. We can:

  • Manage and resolve ServiceNow incidents.
  • Integration with other applications
  • Create and update email in bound actions.
  • Update Workflows
  • Develop Catalog Items and Record Producers
  • Manage Scripts and Automation
  • Create and update email notifications