Agile, Connected, Resilient financial services operations for a
seamless, consistent, and customer-focused service delivery


your financial services institution

Xceltrait’s ServiceNow FSO implementation capabilities help financial institutions gain a competitive advantage in the market by streamlining core operations, optimizing workflows and improving overall customer satisfaction by driving meticulous customer interactions. The otherwise highly fragmented and reactive processes are reinvigorated to accommodate agility, flexibility, and proactivity in resolving customer issues and creating an institution-wide culture of service excellence.

 Realize accelerated transformation across:

Insurance processes

Performance optimization across underwriting and claims, guided resolutions for agents and brokers, automation of policy servicing (and more) — everything that insurance businesses need to create value for customers, ensure compliance, and increase overall business agility.

Banking operations

From auto customer onboarding to 360° operational visibility and easy loan servicing to prompt card processing, banks stand to gain from unified and frictionless workflows that put customers at the center.

Differentiate how you lead and deliver

ServiceNow Financial Services Operations (FSO) is the ideal platform for forward-thinking financial services institutions looking to drive tangible improvements in customer service and enhance their competitive position in the market. Xceltrait thrives at this intersection of technology and business, enabling financial institutions to “network their way to success” and drive measurable benefits.

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