Manage Brand Risk  on Social Media Channels with XcelSocial

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social media channels

Today’s mobile-first customer is very likely to go on social media and express dissatisfaction if they feel they have received subpar products or services. Social Media does not adhere to a negative product message going away.  A single negative comment can see, in a short amount of time, multiple comments from other customers piling on and  there is no lag time.

Companies have reacted to this by elevating social media monitoring into a central component of their customer relations strategies.

The challenge for these organizations is how to listen and integrate these social media interactions into their ServiceNow CSM strategy. 

Xceltrait’s XcelSocial is an integration tool for social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter that allows key customer comments to be pulled directly into ServiceNow and be managed. With XcelSocial, you can

Identify customer details, issues, and sentiments within your ServiceNow instance
Connect with potentially dissatisfied customers on social media even before they connect with you
Resolve customer issues quickly on social media early
Improve your NPS and customer satisfaction scores

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