5 Instances where ServiceNow has Delivered Tangible ROI

Modern digital workflows are necessities for businesses in the current times. These workflows are the backbone to provide improved service quality and experience to the customers. 

ServiceNow has been successful in enabling the same for a large number of its customers across the globe. Five such instances for the US-based customers are covered and explained to provide insights into the ServiceNow applications and capabilities. 

CHS – Community Health Systems

CHS owns/operates/leases 127 hospitals across 20 states in America and provides a wide range of healthcare and medical services to inpatients and outpatients. CHS has been successful in tracking and managing the software assets in the hospitals with ServiceNow products. With ServiceNow, it has become possible for CHS to automatically track and monitor 95% of its software assets. With ServiceNow, CHS has been successful in acquiring an in-depth understanding of its software contracts and licensing. 

For CHS, it has further led to 40% savings in the license true-up costs. 


Qlik is a technology company based in Pennsylvania and operates through its 2,500 employees. The organization provides real-time data intelligence services and solutions to its customers. Qlik understands the significance and relevance of data in the current times and the value it can generate when correctly integrated into the business applications. 

Qlik has built 20 custom applications using ServiceNow App Engine across all operational support teams. These 20 applications handle 19,000 requests on an average in one month and are used by 280 users. The major share of the back-end operations run by the organization is being managed through one platform built on ServiceNow making it easier for the business to enhance the overall quality and performance of its services. 

For Qlik, the ServiceNow implementation has resulted in a reduction of issue resolution time by 35%! 

Intercontinental Exchange (ICE)

ICE is a financial service organization based in Atlanta, Georgia. The organization has a huge dependency on the IT tools and applications to be able to provide effective business services to its customers. The company chose ServiceNow to bring down the costs and improve visibility. Also, it aimed to significantly reduce the IT service management and delivery risks. Before the implementation of the ServiceNow systems and applications, ICE involved the usage of multiple applications that run on the legacy systems. These applications involved unnecessary costs and were also exposed to a wide range of risks. 

Five of such legacy systems are now replaced with a single ServiceNow application and the organization has experienced a 50% reduction in the development effort. 

With the implementation of technically advanced systems, the organization has also been able to improve its comprehensive reporting to the regulators. It has added to the overall authenticity and transparency levels. 

American University 

American University, based in Washington DC, faced significant issues with its service delivery system. The university wanted to make major improvements in its information-sharing capabilities with the students, faculty members, employees, and other stakeholders. American University selected ServiceNow to create a self-service portal to maximize its reach to over 14K students and 4.5K employees and faculty members. 

With ServiceNow implementation, the university has been able to successfully automate 41 workflows and has witnessed a more than 450% annual rise in the knowledge base views. American University has also been able to come up with 15 new services per year. 

All of these modifications have been made as part of the RISE (Reinvesting the Student Experience) initiative by the university. AU has been able to experience a high service level at lower costs and has also been one of the early adopters of ServiceNow CSM. 


Beachbody is an organization based in California, USA. It is a retailer of fitness and nutrition products along with weight-loss products and items. The company has never shied away from adopting the latest technologies so that it can provide exceptional quality of service to its customers. As part of its IT operations, the organization engaged in hundreds of emails every day. Many of these emails were missed or ignored due to massive volumes. 

With ServiceNow, Beachbody could successfully manage the information assets and the number of approved changes went up by 800%. 

There has been a 250% increase in the documented changes and the time to resolve the issues has remarkably decreased. The company has also experienced marked improvements in service quality as the outages have reduced by 90%. 

Power your Digital Transformations with ServiceNow 

ServiceNow is at the forefront of helping organizations of all sizes and across various industry verticals in the implementation of digital workflow patterns and modules. The examples shared here demonstrate the power of the platform in delivering tangible ROI to companies. These can be witnessed in terms of the financial returns along with the significant improvements in the quality levels, customer experience, and satisfaction score, and overall organizational performance.

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