How ServiceNow is Putting AI to Work

Get ready to bid farewell to the mundane and hello to a more intelligent way of working! ServiceNow is front and center in its fight to put AI, more specifically GenAI, into action across its whole platform. Such commitment is creating a wave of innovation for one and all—agents and customers, employees, and developers.

In a very exciting development, ServiceNow has partnered with Microsoft to bring together the best-of-breed GenAI capabilities respective to each. Now Assist and Microsoft Copilot now empower employees with seamless and intuitive execution in everyday productivity. Just imagine—any platform—the most relevant GenAI assistant at your beck and call!

The blog explains how ServiceNow is putting AI to work. We will see how GenAI transforms the experience of all four categories of users, including agents, customers, employees, and developers. We’ll also uncover the incredible benefits that come with this technology.

What is GenAI in ServiceNow and What Can It Do?

Among the many tools within the comprehensive AI tool kit in ServiceNow, GenAI stands out as a powerhouse for creating completely new content. It’s not about analysis of the existing data, but that data is harnessed to create fresh information, recommendations, and tasks in a manner that emulates human capabilities with GenAI.

Imagine an indefatigable, smart assistant that can:

  • Boost self-service: Write clear knowledge base articles by intelligently summarizing data to enable users to find answers at a very fast rate.
  • Uncover the hidden gems: Your data will give answers for trends and patterns, which, if gone unnoticed, are sure to help in making better choices.
  • Automate like a pro: Identify tasks that are repetitive and can be automated to free up your team for strategic work.
  • Guide on issues: Examine situations and point out solutions or provide context-based answers.
  • Route work effectively: Develop an appreciation of work content and skills involved in order to route effectively and prioritize for smooth workflow.

ServiceNow for Agents

Agents today require resources that give them the ability to predict potential problems, take proactive measures in resolving issues, and provide unparalleled service. ServiceNow grants agents the capabilities of AI to revolutionize their work and become genuine advocates for employee and customer contentment.

ServiceNow has various tools in one suite that will allow smart automation of IT operations and proactive problem-solving. Here is how these products empower agents:

  • IT service management: Standardize processes, automate ticketing, and track resolutions—all within a single platform of record for quick issue management.
  • IT operations management: Get real-time visibility into IT infrastructure, so agents can proactively spot—and stop—possible problems before they disturb the user.
  • IT asset management: Run a tight inventory of all IT assets to arm agents with what’s at their disposal to troubleshoot and thus optimize resource utilization.
  • Strategic portfolio management: Set priorities of IT investments in line with data-driven insights that empower agents to support those initiatives that give the most value to the organization.
  • Application portfolio management: Get an end-to-end view of applications and their performance to let agents effectively manage the health of applications without disrupting users.

ServiceNow for Customers

Tired of waiting on hold or navigating complex menus just to get simple tasks done? ServiceNow gives customers the power to take control of their experience with AI-driven self-service tools and agent productivity features.

ServiceNow is more than just a service management tool; it is an integrated suite of products aimed at smoothing processes and empowering customers:

  • Customer service management: Provide customers self-service via a portal for knowledge base articles and FAQs. Automate workflows to involve an agent only for complex activities.
  • Field service management: Real-time technician location and job status ensure that field technicians arrive on time and that the completed work happens promptly.
  • Sales & order management: Order processing will be automated. Order fulfillment streamlined. Share real-time order status with customers to ensure frictionless buying.
  • Automation engine: No more manual entry of data or methodical tasks across departments, hence customers receive services faster.
  • Application engine: Creation of customized applications as per the needs and preferences of customers with low-code workflow apps.

ServiceNow for Employees

A modern workplace needs agility and individualized experiences. ServiceNow thus enables staff with AI-driven self-service and career growth, so driving a surge in productivity and satisfaction—thereby driving business growth as a whole.

Beyond basic HR systems, ServiceNow has a suite of products for the modern, empowering employee experience:

  • HR service delivery: Boost productivity by providing a single platform for HR requests, self-service options, and AI-driven case resolution—time and resource savers.
  • Talent development: Build a culture of continuous learning with a single career hub. It allows seamless connectivity of talent systems; it personalizes development plans and advises intelligently on career paths.
  • Automation engine: This obviates manual data entry and automates regular routine tasks across departments, making staff time available for strategically more valuable work.
  • Application engine: Develops personalized applications using low-code that would exactly meet personnel needs or tastes, easing workflows for a far greater employee experience.

ServiceNow for Developers

You are familiar with it, developer: countless lines of code, deep integrations, and never-ending fighting with close deadlines. And along comes ServiceNow as your digital superhero, a low-code, AI-powered platform that is going to become your new way of building smarter applications quickly.

ServiceNow provides an end-to-end suite of tools purpose-built to reinvigorate your development process:

  • Application engine: Can you not see this powerhouse that brings its force by marrying low-code tools with AI-influenced development? Together, they create unique workflows with pre-built templates, simple drag-and-drop UI builders, mobile app builders, and a compelling IDE studio, empowering all members of your team to contribute, irrespective of their experience in coding. That maximizes development productivity.
  • Automation engine: Empower smart automation for simplification of workflows and cost reduction. Bring together all data sources, automate routine tasks with RPA, and turn to AI for advanced workflows. Leverage key features like the integration hub, RPA hub, document intelligence, stream connect for Apache Kafka, and process mining in exploring new possibilities.

Unleashing Benefits Across Your Organization

  • Unleash the Speed and Agility of AI

Gone are the days of long development cycles in AI. ServiceNow GenAI empowers fast implementation and iteration of AI models, to be more responsive than you ever thought possible toward changing business requirements and market trends.

  • Supercharge Productivity at Every Level

Imagine a workplace where intelligent assistants automate repetitive tasks, deploy workflows, and deliver personalized recommendations. GenAI in ServiceNow empowers agents, customers, employees, and developers to focus on higher-value activities that improve overall productivity.

  • Unwavering Security and Control Over Your Data

ServiceNow places much value on data security. This delivers the kind of solid functionality that falls to your sensitive enterprise data protection and control in the process of development and deployment of AI.

  • Data-Driven Decisions for a Brighter Future

GenAI’s capacity to run vast amounts of data empowers you to unearth hidden patterns and gain valuable business insights. These insights arm you with the capability of well-informed decision-making, whether about process optimization, investment prioritization, or just pushing your business forward with renewed confidence.


ServiceNow is integrating GenAI throughout its platform to transform the way agents, customers, employees, and developers engage with technology. By automating mundane tasks, providing intelligent insights, and facilitating rapid development processes, ServiceNow is leading the way in creating more efficient, productive, and satisfying workflow experiences. Its partnership with Microsoft further enhances these capabilities by offering seamless AI support across various platforms.

Ready to transform your organization with AI-powered ServiceNow solutions? We bring process expertise and experience to your ServiceNow-based implementations. Our suite of offerings for ServiceNow includes the following:

It’s our belief that delivering a better customer experience from end-to-end isn’t about front-end engagements. Investments in service operations at the back—that is, where the work gets done—are equally necessary. Let our experts help you discuss how our ServiceNow expertise can help your business drive efficiency, innovation, and growth today.

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