7 Reasons That Make ServiceNow CSM a Leading Customer Service Solution

According to Zendesk’s findings, around 64% of executives acknowledge the constructive influence of customer service on their organization’s expansion. Unsurprisingly, American Express reveals that a staggering 33% of customers would contemplate changing companies without hesitation upon encountering subpar customer service.

However, in the customer service landscape, it’s challenging to find a solution that can reliably solve your problems in the short term, but ServiceNow CSM is different. Suppose you’re looking for a single application that can work through complicated technicalities and complex scenarios so that you can focus on more productive tasks (like training and coaching). In that case, ServiceNow CSM’s capabilities will prove immensely viable.

In this article, we’ll outline how ServiceNow CSM can alleviate your customer service-related problems while simultaneously increasing your employees’ productivity and bolstering the business’s profitability.

1. Powerful Self-Service, More Action, Less Admin

As outlined by Zendesk, a majority of 67% of customers show a preference for self-service rather than interacting with a company representative. In fact, an astonishing 91% of individuals express their willingness to utilize a knowledge base that has been personalized to cater to their specific requirements.

Taking complete ownership and accountability is the most crucial thing in customer service; ServiceNow CSM allows you to give your clients a self-service portal in which they can solve their problems. The solution uses AI to create better customer experiences and provides a platform for self-service without necessitating any technical skills. Its’ services include:

  • Automating common customer requests
  • Answering questions through an AI-powered chatbot
  • Embedding self-service capabilities on websites

Some of the self-service features are:

  • Service Portal
  • Engagement Messenger
  • Service Catalog
  • Virtual Agent

Along with these self-service features, ServiceNow CSM can directly assign or route the calls for proactive action on sophisticated customer issues. This leads to reduced turnaround time and increased productivity. ServiceNow CSM also empowers customers, regardless of their location, with a powerful user interface that allows them to manage reports and tasks with ease.

2. AI-Enabled Customer Trend Analysis – Predictive Intelligence

Using predictive intelligence gives businesses an opportunity to enhance their customer service management and accelerate data-driven decision-making processes. According to a ServiceNow case study, the implementation of ServiceNow predictive intelligence led to an impressive 11.6% reduction in response time, resulting in cost savings amounting to $11.5 million.

The solution’s AI capabilities provide the organization with intelligent dashboards showcasing the performance of customer service agents in real time. Moreover, AI supports real-time trend analysis of customer response time, chat frequency, and call duration. 

By harnessing operational intelligence, the ServiceNow platform can identify potential risks beforehand and notify users of proactive measures to mitigate them. ServiceNow CSM incorporates performance analytics that helps businesses get up and running quickly with out-of-the-box dashboards and hundreds of KPIs based on best practices.

3. Empowered Agents

Agents are integral to the customer service function and responsible for resolving issues across different channels. However, they encounter obstacles, such as cases being assigned to them in a haphazard manner by not taking availability, skills, and capacity into account. And once assigned, any prior context, such as details collected by a chatbot, is not included. They also get bogged down by high volumes of otherwise common and redundant issues that hinder timely problem-solving.

However, ServiceNow CSM recognizes these barriers and overcomes them with various tools, which include:

  • CSM Configurable Workspace
  • Advanced Work Assignment
  • Customer Central
  • Agent Assist

Utilizing these tools, ServiceNow CSM can help tailor solutions to the specifics of businesses. The benefits ServiceNow CSM can provide are:

Deliver Contextual Information to Assist in Problem-Solving

Agents get quickly up-to-speed on customer issues with a customizable view displaying customers’ prior actions. As agents work, possible solutions from multiple sources are suggested.

Equip Agents with Contextual Information for Effective Troubleshooting

Agents efficiently familiarize themselves with customer issues through a customizable view showcasing prior actions. While working, they receive suggestions for potential solutions from various sources.

4. Omnichannel Support

With omnichannel capabilities in ServiceNow Customer Service Management, organizations can support customers across multiple channels. More profoundly, they can enable customers to interact in the ways that are most convenient for them across the web, chat, email, phone, social media, and in-person channels.

Favorably, ServiceNow CSM’s omnichannel support is a single, centralized instance for all the customer data and processes. Hence, organizations do not need to worry about managing different applications in different departments. This way, ServiceNow CSM also helps manage the operational aspect of customer support processes associated with sales, marketing, and technical support.

5. Improved Customer Experience (CX)

PWC states that 32% of customers in the US will discontinue their business relationship with a previously favored brand following just one negative encounter. ServiceNow CSM stands out by providing exceptional customer service and improving the customer experience.

ServiceNow CSM uses various methods for knowing customer feedback, some of which are listed below:

  • Analyzing satisfaction survey results
  • Identifying the rate of and reasons for customer churn
  • Asking customers for product or feature requests
  • Analyzing customer service case trends

Through these methods, ServiceNow CSM can help understand the customer’s experience and drive improvement. It customizes solutions for individual cases, offering self-service options and automating resolutions through digital portals or virtual agents. With the utilization of these digital portals, ServiceNow CSM offers quick, simple, and easy access for businesses to get their issues resolved.

6. Process Optimization – Visualize the Process

Existing process optimization approaches are costly, time-consuming, and yield inconsistent outcomes, posing challenges for IT leaders. 

ServiceNow Process Optimization (PO) on the Now Platform enables rapid, thorough analysis of business processes by creating process flows from audit trail data. With complete visibility into process flows, businesses can instantly monitor, analyze, and optimize performance while identifying bottlenecks, weaknesses, and areas for automation. This data-driven approach even facilitates proactive assessment and continual optimization of ITSM processes.

Benefits of Using PO

  • Optimize processes by measuring and improving service delivery
  • Achieve top performance with organization-wide performance visibility and machine learning
  • Increase efficiency by identifying and eliminating costly variants in workflows
  • Attain continuous excellence through process knowledge, monitoring, and automation

 7. Easy Integration with Other Apps

Through ServiceNow CSM’s sophisticated integration, it can help businesses integrate with applications like Microsoft Outlook, ServiceNow Employee Health Screening, and even consumer messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Google Business Messages, and Facebook Messenger.

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