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Digital transformation has become a driving catalyst for business success as employees and customers alike expect modern experiences from organizations today. But those who predominantly depend on human efforts to carry out business often end up becoming laggards: not only are they unable to keep up with the pace of change, but they also fail to deliver gratifying user experiences. 

The compelling need for workflow transformation 

Digital transformation takes a lot more than just implementing modern tools and systems. Given how tech-savvy employees have become today, they expect the same level of functionality, performance, and sophistication from their business workflows as they enjoy in their personal lives. Depending on manual approaches is sure to erode their morale while delaying time-to-value. In today’s digital era, such an approach also shuns business relevance while impacting the organizations’ ability to stay afloat. 

The dynamic business landscape that organizations operate in today requires them to enable business process improvements as a large chunk of their digital transformation efforts. They need to constantly digitize their workflows to streamline day-to-day functioning, empower users, and disrupt competition. Using automation to digitize workflows is a great way to simplify operations, empower context-aware users, and face the competition from disruptive innovators head-on. 

What ServiceNow offers

ServiceNow Now platform offers a powerful workflow engine for modern businesses, delivering intuitive experiences and simplifying how work is done. Through its modern cloud capabilities, it: 

  • Integrates users and workflows, helping them connect across the length and breadth of the organization 
  • Empowers users to automate, extend, and build digital workflow apps across the enterprise using a single, unified platform
  • Offers intuitive mobile experiences that simplify daily functioning while boosting user productivity and satisfaction 
  • Delivers new-age AI and analytics features that help predict issues and improve business decision-making

How ServiceNow NOW platform accelerates digital transformation 

Digital adoption tops the list of priorities for the C-suite. Today, more and more businesses are looking to automate their operational processes and make their organizations leaner. Embracing a modern workflow automation platform like ServiceNow Now is one of the best ways to automate, predict, digitize, and optimize business processes and fuel digital transformation. 

Here are 5 ways in which the NOW platform accelerates digital transformation: 

  • It automates mundane tasks: Successful digital transformation is not just about embracing modern technology; it is about transforming the way employees carry out business processes. The Now platform allows everyday users to build powerful apps and workflows and enable faster and smarter experiences. By automating mundane tasks with intelligence, the platform helps in eliminating manual efforts as well as associated errors. And because employees can do their tasks more quickly and efficiently, the platform helps boost employee experience as well as business productivity. 
  • It enables enterprise-wide integration: With the ServiceNow Now platform, employees no longer have to be constrained by departmental silos. As the platform connects different business units, departments, and teams via a unified hub, employees can have anytime, anywhere access to the data they need – no matter where the data resides. With everything integrated, visible (and available) in a central location, employees can make timely, data-backed decisions. 
  • It delivers new-age intelligence: ServiceNow Now platform is built with new-age intelligence that allows organizations to work smarter and make better business decisions. By surfacing critical information, it helps in making timely predictions (and decisions) while allowing them to focus on strategic work. Built-in machine learning and virtual agents deliver context-aware information and recommendations, ensuring employees (and customers) always have the answers they need and when they need them. 
  • It drives operational agility: The Now platform’s analytics capabilities help in driving unmatched operational agility. By putting data into the hands of people that need it, the platform unearths insight into key metrics and KPIs, helping the organization’s service delivery. Using the platform, employees can get real-time visibility into operations while anticipating trends, prioritizing resources, and enhancing the performance of day-to-day tasks. 
  • It improves business efficiency: The Now platform allows organizations to explore key indicators using an intuitive, immersive studio. Using the platform, employees can view trends and predictions across equipment issues, faltering performance, as well as breakdowns and enable them to take timely action. Through detailed and timely analysis of business performance, it helps businesses rely on evidential data (rather than gut feeling) to prioritize tasks and drive more value from critical operations. 

In addition to modernizing legacy systems and implementing new-age technology, successful digital transformation also requires organizations to reimagine their business processes and digitize workflows catering to IT, employee, or customer needs. 

The ServiceNow Now platform delivers multiple integration touchpoints that help organizations get end-to-end visibility into their business while allowing them to make the right decisions. Easy-to-build apps and workflows enable users to build the workflows they need to boost productivity while leveraging advanced machine learning and AI algorithms to anticipate trends, prioritize tasks, and drive continuous business innovation. 

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