Have You Leveraged These 3 Robust Capabilities of ServiceNow ITSM?

Regardless of the operational scale, every organization is challenged with a dire need to heighten its performance and achieve maximum growth. Over the years, IT teams have adopted a multitude of technologies, techniques, and processes in order to meet these goals. 

While there have been clear successes, there have also been many instances of missed expectations. However, with ServiceNow ITSM, organizations can easily bridge the gap in terms of knowledge, technology, and intrinsic business potential. 

The following are the top three areas where ServiceNow ITSM has consistently and successfully driven its users to the next level of value-added service management.

Excellent AI Capabilities

The benefits of ServiceNow AI, as an IT service management enabler, transcend the common use cases of the industry. From predictive analytics to virtual agents to AI search – ServiceNow ITSM is quite adept at leveraging the power of AI.

In fact, AI for ServiceNow ITSM is the foundation of a collaborative intelligence system that unites users and IT with the ability to understand, predict, and act on how people work and how IT should work in response.

Here are the ways through which ServiceNow ITSM is utilizing AI to surpass the industry benchmarks.

  • IT Support Augmentation: Supplementing the knowledge of professional IT support and service engineers via self-learning algorithms and machine learning capabilities is something that an AI-powered IT Service Management platform can deliver.
  • AI Search – AI Search is one of the most prominent solutions of ServiceNow ITSM that helps enterprises provide personalized self-service to users. By analyzing historical patterns of action, users are facilitated with relevant information and knowledge right at their fingertips. Not to forget that this information is highly contextual and carefully mined from the data records of the services.
  • Intelligent Predictions – AI-driven predictive analytics for ServiceNow ITSM helps in better decision-making and forecasting the presence of risks and anomalies within the system that might seriously impact the user experience.

Virtual Agent Support

As per Statista, the global chatbot market is expected to be valued at $454.8 million by 2027 — 4.5 times more than what it is today. 

ServiceNow Virtual Agents or AI-conversational chatbots, as we know them, are intelligent tools that leverage automation, machine learning, and natural language processing to solve the repetitive, time-consuming issues faced by IT support personnel. By offering 24/7 personalized assistance to end-users, these Virtual Agents go far beyond traditional customer service, empowering employees to be more productive at their jobs and reducing the time spent on redundant, routine tasks. 

Not just that, they also intelligently mimic the types of interactions that users have with a human agent — such as responses to frequently asked IT service questions, like “My printer is not connecting to the network. What should I do?”, “I have forgotten my password. Can you help? “, etc.

For businesses, Virtual Agents are revolutionary IT service management solutions that:

  • Facilitate Omnichannel Support: Virtual Agents can be deployed across multiple channels, including websites, mobile apps, social media, etc. This ensures that end-users receive a seamless service and never have to go back and forth between different support channels for a single query.
  • Promote Self-Service: Virtual Agents allow users to interact with support systems via simple, natural language questions and get personalized references in the form of immediate answers, quick corrections, and guidance. This drastically streamlines end-user experience and eliminates the need for assistance from IT service personnel.
  • Route Intelligently: Virtual support agents can route the right request to the right professional through contextual understanding capabilities.

Performance Analytics for ITSM

We often stress the notion about data being the new oil but how this oil is processed, refined, and used as power to drive critical business decisions is where the discussions should ideally lead. With ITSM’s Performance Analytics capabilities, this data-centric dialogue is steered to focus on the operational, tactical, and strategic side of an enterprise’s functionality. 

In essence, Performance Analytics allows for visibility into the interplay between the various functions of ITSM (change Management, incident management, automation, etc.). It puts forth real-time insights into the state of play. The use of Performance Analytics for ITSM has become fairly common within the industry as most business functions hinge on its success. 

And ServiceNow proves the same with astounding numbers — $5 million savings in project rollouts, 300+ hours/month savings in reporting, 200% more service consumption, 75% reduction in resolution times, and 111% higher ROI.

Here are the business benefits that ServiceNow ITSM Performance Analytics delivers:

  • Resource Optimization & Prioritization: Performance Analytics helps organizations identify the operational gaps, inefficiencies, and projected resource requirements at any given time. This allows for agile resource planning, efficient utilization of the workforce, optimum allocation of resources and skill sets, and a significant reduction in costs.
  • Performance Visualization: The visualization of adherence to the KPIs via interactive dashboards in the form of charts, forecasts, and graphs enables decision-makers to take proactive steps to every impending crisis. This makes ServiceNow ITSM a powerful solution that can successfully resolve and prevent issues well before they become disasters.
  • Improvement in Overall Service Quality: Thanks to profound contextual analytics, IT service managers are equipped with the knowledge about the performance of each step in the process, how each standardized action impacts the overall service delivery, and which managerial actions are necessary (or not) to improve and fine-tune services. 

In a Nutshell

ServiceNow ITSM is designed to provide a consistent and personalized experience across all touchpoints. AI, performance analytics, and virtual agent support are underlying elements of this intelligent technology platform that empowers the IT teams and satisfies the end-users.

Through customized analytics, intelligent search capabilities, self-learning algorithms, and intelligent predictive analysis capabilities, it can augment user experience by identifying operational gaps before they become emergencies.

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