How Chatbots Are Transforming Customer Experiences and How to Implement Those Using ServiceNow CSM

Implementing chatbots is now standard practice for enabling a proactive, personalized, and contextualized customer service experience. As it stands, the chatbot market is set to reach $1.25 billion by 2025 at a healthy CAGR of 24.3%.

These bots are virtual customer service assistants or agents employed to respond instantly to users’ queries. In that light, they work to automate redundant tasks and reduce response times, allowing support agents to focus on more innovative and sophisticated jobs.

How Chatbots Are Transforming Customer Experiences

Over 80% of customers believe that the experience provided by a company is as important as its product and service offerings. Customers today look for instant and differentiated experiences. And that’s where chatbots come into play. They complement the service support experience by providing a friendly greeting to visitors, offering to initiate a chat in seconds, and responding to queries directly and quickly.

More profoundly, here is how chatbots deliver great customer experiences:

  • Reduced wait time for customers: Customers can get answers to common questions around, say, store hours, locations, and order status immediately within the chat window instead of waiting for an email or response from other channels.
  • Efficient customer query redirections: Chatbots can instantly welcome customers in the chat window, ask about their requirements, and direct them to the needful resources.
  • Reduced support cases: Chatbots can also help reduce the support cases in the organization. Since bots can immediately answer direct queries, fewer cases get logged for resolution.
  • Provide potential leads: A bot can gather relevant information like an email address to personalize future customer interactions and deliver qualified leads to the sales team.
  • 24/7 service: Chatbots work round-the-clock even when other support channels are offline. 
  • Omnichannel experience: Customers today look for support across multiple channels. It is difficult for customer service agents to juggle multiple platforms to facilitate real-time service. Favorably, chatbots can offer an omnichannel experience thanks to seamless integration with multiple chat channels.
  • Understanding customer needs: With the vast amount of customer data like transaction history and past conversations at its disposal, a chatbot can personalize the customer experience by identifying their problems and preferences. It can also make suggestions based on the case history and similar requests.

How to Implement Chatbots Using ServiceNow CSM?

ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) provides an integrated chatbot application to track, address, and resolve customer service issues. Notably, the customer service portal can be easily accessed by customers for opening, tracking, and resolving tickets. Now, let’s understand how to implement chatbots with ServiceNow CSM:

Virtual Agent Designer

This interface allows businesses to create topics and design conversations. Similar to a document repository, it needs to be updated with new topics to stay relevant. It includes relevant prompts to ask common questions to customers, input the necessary information, and decide the next logical step.

Multi-Language Support

ServiceNow supports multiple languages to extend the customer service experience. It allows customers to choose their language when they reach out to support or browse the company website.

Performance Analytics

The conversation dashboard of ServiceNow CSM can be leveraged to see the questions asked by customers and what they cannot find in the content library. It helps curate necessary topics and adds to the content library.

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Intelligent Case Routing

CSM is backed with machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to interpret case descriptions to prioritize and route the cases automatically to chatbots. The customer cases can also be intelligently routed based on the location, skills, and availability of agents — creating a bridge between the chatbot and customer support representatives.

Support Case Creation

The clear resolution steps are decided at the time of creating topics. Then, the conversation branches are designed along with the intended outcomes. If the resolution cannot be provided, the option to create a support case will be provided to customers. Such workflows drive coherency in interaction right off the bat.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Prediction

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) model can be considered to connect the search terms of customers to the intended content. The chatbot can automatically respond with the topics that best match customers’ intent. If no matching topics exist, a fallback is utilized to display relevant knowledge base articles. 

Altogether, ServiceNow CSM powers the chatbots with the ability to understand the customer’s intent, personalize the experience and resolve queries with relevant content. The platform also defines workflows when the cases go beyond the scope of virtual agents, alongside empowering the support representatives to have a holistic view of the cases relevant to them.

Start Delivering Next-Generation Customer Experiences with Chatbots Implemented with ServiceNow CSM

We’ve seen how future customer service needs are being addressed with chatbots powered by ServiceNow CSM. ServiceNow’s full-fledged customer service solution helps provide end-to-end case management. From identification of the root causes of issues and bottlenecks to real-time analytics and reduction in the resolution time, ServiceNow helps businesses deliver exceptional customer experiences

With a team of ServiceNow experts, you can also transform your customer service management practices by quickly implementing a chatbot to upscale your business. Talk to a ServiceNow specialist today.

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