How ServiceNow CSM Addresses the Top 6 Customer Service Challenges?

About 93% of customers are more likely to purchase again from companies that offer excellent customer service. And 38% of customers are more likely to recommend the company’s offerings if they are satisfied with customer service.

Today, customer service is not only about post-sales service for a few months. Instead, it encapsulates interactions with customers before, during, and after the purchase has been made. Often, businesses pay more attention to marketing, advertising, functionalities, and more. While that’s justifiable, this attention must not come at the cost of overlooking the service/support aspect. These are all important parts of the business, but customer service fuels these activities and keeps them running. 

However, despite the significance of customer service, it is incredibly challenging for most businesses to realize an excellent customer service setup. Dealing with different people, meeting their expectations, and sustaining their loyalty is not an easy feat. It entails real-time insights, prompt response, intelligent case routing, and much more. 

Thankfully, ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) wards off customer service challenges. Let’s find out how.

Top 6 Customer Service Challenges (and How ServiceNow CSM Addresses Them)

1. Identifying the Root Cause of the Problem

It is crucial to identify the root cause of customer issues, but it is difficult for service agents to understand the same instantly over the call. This results in agents not being able to address the issues appropriately. 

ServiceNow CSM comes to the rescue here. 

  • It provides the flexibility and extendibility to achieve the goals of incident and problem management in a single solution. 
  • It helps identify, document, and remediate the root causes and known errors. 
  • It further offers various ways to get help, including chat, forms, questionnaires, email, and a knowledge base.

2. Lack of Consistency in Customer Experience

Many customers expect consistent and accurate information from companies, whichever channel they use to seek service. Failing to provide a similar service level and consistent information across multiple channels can annoy them. 

With ServiceNow CSM, all the interactions with users can be tracked and managed with the help of out-of-the-box workflows and tools. It automates everyday activities and leverages multi-channel communication to provide quick resolutions and improve the customer experience

3. Disconnected Communication Channels

Navigating through a complex customer service portal can be very challenging for customers. They expect companies to be available anytime, on any device or platform (mobile app, web portal, social media, etc.).

As mentioned before, ServiceNow CSM offers seamless multi-channel communication to boost customer convenience. The platform also analyzes customer behavior and personalizes the chatbot interactions accordingly. The single chatbot can handle various requests at the same time and offer tailored solutions instantly – or route more sophisticated or empathy-driven issues to service representatives.

4. Lack of Self-Service Options to Resolve the Problems         

Most customer issues are repetitive and can be resolved quickly if the customer has the right information at their disposal. ServiceNow CSM offers an in-depth understanding of service trends while pinpointing the common issues that can be automated. 

The self-service ecosystem or knowledge management platform facilitates information sharing and offers a wide range of solutions to frequent problems through an extensive knowledge base. When the customer raises a common issue, the self-help knowledge article can be sent to the customer to solve their problem on their own.

5. Lack of Transparency (and Time-Consuming Resolutions)             

Many customer service issues require information from various departments, which leads to extended resolution time and increased customer dissatisfaction. This is one of the significant challenges faced by service agents. 

ServiceNow helps with a cross-company investigation, outlining the root cause of the problem and deriving the solution. In this manner, ServiceNow CSM improves connectivity across various departments to achieve more transparency and reduce resolution time.

6. Multiple Occurrences of the Same Issue and the Related Service Failure

Most customers have to deal with similar issues repeatedly. This annoys the customers and also increases the number of cases in the service pipeline. ServiceNow CSM can help businesses leverage Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to identify the type of request, category, and topic. 

Then, the ticket can be created and routed to the right expert intelligently. The platform automatically classifies, prioritizes, and assigns customer requests efficiently. This helps reduce repetitive tasks, prevent the same issues from creeping up, and boosts the productivity of service agents.

All the More Reasons to Choose ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM)

According to the Gartner 2021 market share report, ServiceNow witnessed a 75.6% YoY growth in customer support revenue. Its solutions and CSM, in particular, provide the necessary set of tools to track, connect, and manage customer interactions effortlessly. 

With the help of CSM, it is easier for businesses to deliver excellent customer service related to the type of interaction or engagement channel. Here is how the ServiceNow CSM module addresses critical customer service issues:

  • Case management: A single channel to reach external clients/customers. Learn how ServiceNow CSM tackles the most common challenges in case management.
  • Case escalation: Provides the ability to escalate complex cases to relevant departments.
  • Intelligent routing: Automatically routes the cases based on pre-defined factors.
  • Omni-channel: An integrated view of customer issues derived from multiple communication channels.
  • Communities: Engages, connects, and collaborates with employees, partners, and customers.
  • Accounts, products, contacts, entitlement, SLAs: Provide details of all the customer engagements in one place.
  • Knowledge base: Provides a list of knowledge articles for external customers/clients.
  • Visual workflow and automation: It allows users visually set up automation processes and workflows.
  • Field service management: It helps address end-to-end management of tasks to be performed.

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