Innovative ServiceNow ITSM Applications to Help you Transform your IT Experiences

Digital transformation is now essential for organizations – across all departments and functions. With remote working becoming a norm, it is especially urgent for IT service applications and workflows. 

However, the use of non-integrated legacy tools and platforms can lead to major troubles during the transformation process. The information silos created through such disparate systems result in a significant loss of time and effort with their inability to achieve the desired goals.

ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) offers a modern, integrated, and cloud-based management solution for smooth and streamlined digital transformation. ITSM applications offered by ServiceNow can integrate all the IT tools on one platform to offer automated workflows and enhanced productivity.

Here is a look at the wide range of innovative ServiceNow ITSM applications available to transform the IT experience.

Agent Workspace

Agent Workspace is a purpose-built command center that allows service desk agents to resolve issues faster. Service desk agents get to see the open issues on one screen to take suitable actions. Complete context on issue history enables the agents to simultaneously resolve multiple issues. The application comes with Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based features to provide recommendations on the resolutions. The margin of error becomes low, and it also improves speed and accuracy. The use of the application leads to better service desk efficiency and it also results in higher productivity levels.

Incident Management and Problem Management

In spite of numerous controls and countermeasures, businesses can experience unplanned interruptions or disruptions. Improper handling and management of such incidents can cause adverse implications on customer engagement and may also hamper business continuity.

Automated incident management and problem management applications handle unplanned interruptions by quickly analyzing and resolving the root cause of the issue. It provides the ability to quickly resolve the issues and restore services. Also, advanced analytics of the cause can make sure that similar occurrences do not repeat in the future.

Faster service resolution and restoration along with predictive analytics to avoid future issues promotes efficiency and higher customer satisfaction.

Change Management

Changes are inevitable in any business. Some of the changes are expected and businesses can plan for such changes in advance. However, there are unplanned changes that may occur and lead to massive risks to the business operations and continuity.

Change management application enhances the velocity of work and provides the ability to control and track the risks and costs associated with the changes. The application covers varied stages of the standard change management process, such as identification, analysis, implementation, and control to carry out integrated change handling. DevOps capabilities are used and applied in the application to automate standard changes.

Complete governance on the changes is possible through the application allowing for effective handling and management of the unplanned changes.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

For effective IT service delivery, a lot of information is exchanged between various workflows and processes. Proper management of various configurations of such systems is crucial to ensure an effective transition to new systems. CMDB application provides reliable and automated management and storage of the configuration details in one place. The relationship between several configuration items can be viewed to understand and manage the impact of the changes. Interactive dashboards are included in the application to continuously monitor and improve CMDB data quality.

The application offers a wide range of benefits to the end-users and the businesses. IT/business benefit tremendously with improved transparency and better management of the IT assets. With seamless service availability, end users can enjoy greater productivity.

Asset Management

Asset management during digital transformation can be a complicated process – especially if there are a large number and wide variety of assets. Improper management of assets can increase costs as well as cause licensing issues – leading to a negative impact on the overall performance of the organization.

The Asset management application offered by ServiceNow ITSM can mitigate and prevent the risks associated with improper asset management. The automated functions present the configuration details of each system along with the information around costs, access, and installation information. Financial, contractual, and inventory details of the assets can be viewed in the application to constantly track and monitor the same throughout the lifecycle. The unnecessary asset purchase and the issues around costs, wastes, and licensing automatically get eliminated in the process.

ServiceNow ITSM for Digital Enterprises

Digital transformation of IT processes enables organizations to deliver a seamless IT experience. It also delivers several business benefits in terms of higher customer experience, better returns, improved quality, and a lot more. However, the digital transformation process can be a complex journey if not planned and executed efficiently.

ServiceNow ITSM application can enable organizations to unchain innovation with its modern cloud-based solutions. Various areas of service management and digital transformation are covered through these apps. 

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