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The business world is aggressively embracing digital transformation, and the global expense for this shift is expected to be $6.8 trillion by 2023. At such a pace, our knowledge feeds are often flooded with apps and tools recommendations to improve our workflow. But using too many non-integrated tools can pose more problems than solutions for the overall digital transformation journey. 

A one-stop solution like ServiceNow FSO can help connect all your digital operations and workflows – thanks to its singular, unified approach. In fact, Financial Services Operations (FSO) goes beyond managing your financial framework through banking, insurance, and wealth management. It connects enabling functions like IT, customer engagement, and employee management to boost business performance and keep all data centralized, mitigating information silos.

The Case and Knowledge Management offering of ServiceNow FSO is a service delivery toolkit that focuses on improving employee experience, streamlining operational workflows, and, most importantly, improving the customer service function of financial services institutions. 

Case and Knowledge Management – The Super Tool for Better Service Experiences

Case and Knowledge Management intends to automate standard workflows within the organization to offer immediate support to the employees. Some feature highlights of Case and Knowledge Management are:

Modern Intuitive Dashboards

ServiceNow FSO offers modern, intuitive dashboards to help understand the service delivery outcomes and analyze which areas need improvement to enhance the employee and, in turn, the customer experience. This dashboard also hosts all MIS data to create quick reports.

Centralized Workspace

The agent workspace is a single workspace hosting all service desk tools. The support manager can offer effective solutions to employee issues and queries faster by glancing at all open cases and request types at once.

Anonymous Report Service

The Case and Knowledge Management portal has an Anonymous Report Center where employees can report any misconduct in the workspace. With no human intervention, this portal ensures the confidentiality of employee data alongside quick resolution.

Better Self-Service

Different employees often have multiple similar queries that can be repeated throughout the day. ServiceNow FSO allows administrators to design automated workflows to guide the employees to key information for all kinds of service inquiries.

Key Benefits of Case and Knowledge Management 

Faster Employee Inquiry Resolution

When the employees receive a consistent and prompt resolution to all their queries through AI-enabled automation, their overall friction-free experience positively impacts job satisfaction and improves the customer service function. It also promotes self-service in employees, helping them stay engaged. 

Data Analysis of Employee Inquiries

Every company generates and gathers plenty of data. But data collection is only the first step; extracting meaningful insights from the data is vital to any company’s growth. Case and Knowledge Management helps managers to have profound insights into the kinds of employee requests and inquiries springing up in the organization. With visibility into the volumes and patterns of these queries, they can identify the pain points and actively work towards automating the solutions.

Reduction in Manual Effort

With better self-service, an intuitive dashboard, and a centralized workspace of Case and Knowledge Management, the manual effort in building processes is eliminated. Financial services institutions can create effective processes to automate their functionalities and reduce manual paperwork as well as the scope of human errors. The dashboard is a one-window view into all the ongoing queries and concerns with the associated outcomes to analyze performance and bottlenecks.

Ensure Employee Case Confidentiality 

The Case and Knowledge Management service aims at providing complete security for employee details and records. This confidence in anonymity can help managers gather deeper insights into workplace concerns. This way, they can strengthen the employees’ relationships and empower them to be proactive and adequately equipped to resolve customer issues.

Quick Report Generation 

The people in charge can create, manage and view cases ̧through their centralized workspace easily. This window can help them generate reports and view information overviews under various subcategories to monitor and manage employee engagement. 

Case and Knowledge Management can connect the employees better with their organization while integrating operational workflows. It can automate standard processes, reducing the number of mail follow-ups and reminders. Such comprehensive benefits, enabled by ServiceNow FSO, are leveraged by companies of all sizes globally. 

How Do These Benefits Translate into Improved Customer Service?

Financial services companies put a lot of effort into building customer loyalty through excellent customer care. However, operational missteps can easily compromise all the investment that has been made. 

The case and Knowledge Management toolkit helps financial services companies to improve customer service by automating redundant processes, streamlining workflows, centralizing data, and empowering customer support agents. Such capabilities translate into:

  • Faster resolution of customer queries and issues
  • Reduction in human errors 
  • Reduction in case escalations
  • Comprehensive reporting across cases
  • Knowledge base development
  • Reduction in repeat inquiries 
  • Reduction in customer support costs

A seamless customer experience means that financial services companies can work towards nurturing customer loyalty, adding new products to the mix, bolstering brand influence, and driving revenue.

Building the Future of Customer Service Delivery 

Digital transformation using a platform like ServiceNow proves cost-effective and yields higher ROI and enhanced productivity. The faster, automated workflows and integrated teams pave the way for a futuristic, productive workplace and customer service delivery.

As a leading ServiceNow consulting company, Xceltrait focuses on empowering businesses with scalable, secure, and effective digital solutions from ServiceNow FSO’s array of applications. 

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