Modern Organizations Choose ServiceNow ITSM – Here Is Why

Information technology service management (ITSM) solutions help businesses in meeting their IT service requirements. When it comes to IT service management, the consumer group is diverse as it includes vendors, partners, employees, and end-users. ITSM emphasizes continuous process enhancement by improving its effectiveness and control.

In 2019, the ITSM market was valued at USD 6.41 billion. It is anticipated to reach USD 12.19 billion by 2025, at 11.3% CAGR over the predicted period 2020-2025 

Enterprises are heavily investing in the applications of ITSM that can switch their present legacy systems, based on the features and capabilities they offer. Most modern organizations understand the benefits of a holistic ITSM strategy. 

ServiceNow is one of the leading ITSM solutions. For the 7th year in a row, Gartner has recognized ServiceNow as a Leader in the ITSM Magic Quadrant. Thousands of companies worldwide consider ServiceNow ITSM as a “value addition” to them. 

ServiceNow ITSM is commended by enterprise customers for its capability to increase the IT services quality, lift end-user satisfaction ratings, and increase the agility and flexibility of the IT operations. ServiceNow’s ITSM platform performs all these while decreasing ITSM costs on a long-term basis. 

Why ServiceNow ITSM?

ServiceNow is a platform-as-a-service provider that streamlines and automates IT services, including help desk functionality. Thousands of enterprise customers worldwide use ServiceNow ITSM in their everyday operations, and it is the most successful ITSM platforms available in the market. 

Over 4,400 enterprise companies (including 42% of the Global 2000 (G2K) companies) worldwide utilize ServiceNow ITSM.

Here are some of the many benefits that ServiceNow offers to modern organizations:

  • Increase in internal customer satisfaction scores 
  • Cleaner audits with significantly fewer compliance defilements
  • Increased business due to the speedy fulfillment of service requests
  • More rapid issue resolution, thus enabling superior level end-user productivity
  • Quick service restoration that increases user satisfaction
  • Optimized asset management and better handling of available IT resources
  • Better IT-business alignment
  • Seamless cross-team collaboration
  • Reasonable vendor service satisfaction and reduced service costs leading to the smooth delivery of vendor services 

The Many Benefits of ServiceNow ITSM 

Here are a few ways by which ServiceNow ITSM can enhance business operations.

Structured Service Delivery

ServiceNow research reveals that businesses with legacy ITSM systems face about 12 percent of time wastage for staff by redundant tasks, leading to worst user experiences. ServiceNow ITSM comprises an AI-powered dashboard and integrated tools like voice assistants and chatbots to streamline the overall communication process and save time. Vital analytics insights help users track performance easily, get real-time insights, and suggestions to continue improving the prospects.

Trouble-Free Incident Management

ServiceNow Incident Management reorganizes the restoring services process following any unintended disruption. It helps capture any incident through a self-service portal and line up email, chat, phone, and other incoming events depending on the set service level goals. ServiceNow ITSM can route all incidents automatically to the right resolution team without any personnel intervention – leading to faster issue resolution. 

Optimized Workflows

Tracking work status frequently requires the managers to consistently keep an eye on portals and discuss with teams daily instead of focusing on strategic tasks. To save time, ServiceNow ITSM offers voice assistants that can help with continuous follow-ups through a command. Alerts can be sent to team members about issue status regularly until the issues get resolved. Besides commanding voice assistants for raising tickets, managers don’t have to be involved with the assigning or routing of tasks. It optimizes workflows, frees users from handling complex workflows in the service management process.

Improved Knowledge Management Solutions

The ServiceNow knowledge management module helps businesses to upload and manage articles easily. Teams can access answers quickly and speed up the overall resolution process. Anyone seeking information can proceed immediately, and it becomes needless to wait for officials’ guidance in resolutions. Anyone in the team who is authorized can access the entire complex information with a simple search. It empowers the business and the employees to remain transparent and develop trust.

Robust Security and Risk Handling

AI capabilities offered by ServiceNow ITSM helps to bring out insightful analytics data on the efficiency patterns of services and delivery. Such actionable insights help businesses to get up-to-date progress on services and processes. When combined with a voice assistant platform, predictive intelligence, and machine learning capabilities, it can detect changing trends and make proactive recommendations to the handling managers or team members. For instance, issues that are hindering business processes can be fixed, it can enhance efficiency, or service or process-related issues can be predicted and rectified. It will notify the workforce before an incident occurs so that they can be prepared to manage the issue effectively. It is an essential feature for mainly predicting security-related issues.

Best Practices for Successful ITSM Implementation

The below-mentioned steps are best practices that can help to streamline the implementation and effective use of ITSM progressions and workflows:

  • Audit your present ITSM operations and recognize the gaps
  • Educate, communicate and include stakeholders while implementing ITSM processes
  • Plan and draft the vital success factors and keep a careful lookout on KPIs and other analytical metrics 
  • Utilize appropriate tools to automate processes
  • Cultivate a feedback loop from end-users and other stakeholders

Considering the proliferation of Digital transformation and remote working, it is high time for businesses to utilize an ITSM platform. ServiceNow being the market leader with many useful features seems to be an ideal choice. 

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