ServiceNow CSM Predictive Intelligence – How it Benefits your Enterprise

The use of Predictive Intelligence in customer service allows companies to deliver a unique customer experience based on customer behaviors and preferences. Predictive Intelligence uses the power of technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data. 

Customer Service Management is an area with immense potential and benefits with predictive intelligence. With its Predictive Intelligence capabilities, ServiceNow CSM offers businesses with utmost clarity and capabilities for improved customer service management. It has benefits in store for the customers, agents, and the management. 

The packaged solution enables customers to access the required information quickly. The agents also get to resolve the concerns quickly and efficiently. Service improvements become a reality as managers and administrators get to identify the gaps and trends. 

ServiceNow CSM Predictive Intelligence promises the following benefits to business enterprises.  

Resource Optimization and Cost Reduction

For companies that offer a wide range of products and solutions, it is necessary to optimally meet the varying needs and demands of the customers. With the inclusion of numerous options in the catalog, the issues reported by the customers also belong to a wide range of products and services. 

With its predictive intelligence capabilities, ServiceNow CSM can quickly analyze the requests and effectively map those with a suitable agent. The prioritization and categorization of the issue are based on analytics, thereby increasing the chances of a quicker resolution. This offers companies the ability to optimally utilize their agents and it also considerably reduces the costs. 

Improved Agent and Customer Satisfaction 

It is crucial for enterprises to maintain and continually improve the engagement and satisfaction levels of the customers and the employees. Customer service agents are often burdened with too many requests and workloads leading to their inability to maintain a work-life balance. It gradually reflects on the efficiency and productivity levels of the agents. The reduced agent productivity and efficiency become a reason of worry for the customers as they do not receive the timely resolution of their requests and queries. 

Businesses can avoid such issues with ServiceNow CSM. The decreased resolution times and errors along with quicker mapping of the request with the agent allows the service agents to quickly perform the required actions. With reduced resolution time and improved service quality, the customer engagement levels also improve significantly. The packaged solutions enable agents to focus on the priority work and eliminate the mundane work involved in the overall lifecycle of CSM. 

There is a lot of contextually relevant information associated with the cases for the agents. Predictive Intelligence analyses such information sets to correctly classify and prioritize the cases: 

  • Knowledge articles based on the cases assigned to the agents 
  • Reference information from the system database linked with the case assigned to the agent 
  • Recommendations on the creation of major cases based on the case trends and patterns 
  • Estimations on the case – time to resolve, next set of suitable actions 

These details can assist the agents in making data-driven decisions for the rightful resolution and timely closure of the case. 

Continuous Improvements 

Customer service management is a continuous activity with a scope of improvement present at all times. Predictive Intelligence offers business managers the ability to harness the power of machine learning. It enables quick analysis of massive data sets to recognize trends and patterns. Company stakeholders can benefit from the actionable insights and put together action plans based on data. Effective improvements and implementation of required changes lead to better business efficiency and quality of operations. 

Customized Solutions 

The customer service needs of an enterprise differ from the other. ServiceNow CSM Predictive Intelligence solutions are created with a custom development approach. The required modifications in the packaged solutions are possible as per the business requirement. The customized solutions are successful in meeting the specific business needs enabling the enterprises to utilize smart machine learning algorithms for better productivity and efficiency.

Take Your Customer Service to Next Level 

ServiceNow CSM Predictive Intelligence is a packaged solution that offers benefits to all the entities of an enterprise. It is beneficial for the agents as the case resolution time reduces with proper recognition of similar case information, recommended actions, estimated time, and data-driven actionable insights. The management and administration also get the ability to recognize trends and patterns for continuous service improvements and quality enhancements. The customers receive a timely resolution of their requests and queries leading to improved satisfaction levels – and happy customers are loyal customers!

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