ServiceNow Tells Us What Omnichannel in Customer Service Management Really Means

From a 20% improvement in first contact resolution to a 14.7% reduction in service attrition, ServiceNow CSM certainly fits the bill for the best vertically agnostic customer-service portal in the market. 

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To put that into perspective, Forrester’s Total Economic Impact analysis reported a 176% ROI, $8.75 Net Profit Value, and a 14% increase in interdepartmental efficiency gains when ServiceNow CSM was employed across four different organizations. 

The contributions of CSM toward better customer experiences and improved business performance are multi-faceted. Management across every touch-point and throughout the customer life-cycle goes into realizing excellent customer service. 

However, if there’s one thing that stands above the rest to reflect upon the platform’s prowess, it’s ServiceNow’s ability to make omnichannel availability an integral part of CSM’s effective functioning. 

Why is Omnichannel Important in Customer Service Management?

In today’s highly digital landscape, customers expect consistency in their service experiences, and high customer service ratings often go up alongside the consistency in each interaction with a business. This effectively translates to:

  • Customers are able to access the services on whichever channel is most convenient for them.
  • Customers expect customer service representatives to be just as effective on all channels, be it phone, chat, or even social media.
  • Businesses are able to manage all interactions in a single system, augmenting efficiencies and allowing a streamlined approach to handling a customer’s concerns. 

ServiceNow CSM Shows the True Meaning of Omnichannel Delivery

With the rising demand for a more seamless customer experience, businesses strive to create an environment of continuous engagement. However, practical improvements entail a collaboration of operation management and the IT infrastructure.

ServiceNow CSM guarantees the same by integrating the front, middle, and back offices, thus, enabling a smoothly operating service experience for both the customer and the contact center, right from the unearthing of the issue to its resolution. 

As for omnichannel, ServiceNow CSM:

Facilitates Convenient Interaction

Be it chatting with a virtual/live agent, self-service, enterprise social media, or even mobile apps, ServiceNow delivers a convenient and consistent experience throughout the customer service cycle. For instance, when customers contact through a customer service portal, they can communicate with the virtual/live agent, submit the case, and resolve the issue. Likewise, the case can be presented directly in the email with subsequent directions from an agent to reach a resolution. The same procedure is applied to call support, thanks to the use of “Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and OpenFrame.”

Not to mention that the aforementioned contact channels can be integrated with consumer messaging apps like WhatsApp, LINE, and Facebook Messenger. This way, CSM opens avenues for facilitating and managing customer inquiries and complaints via apps that are familiar to the customers.

Ensures Agents’ Visibility

It’s essential for call centers to have agents that are readily available at all times, but what’s more important is having them equipped with the knowledge of customer interactions across every channel. CSM helps achieve this through Customer Central which allows agents to gather a 360-degree view of a customer’s interactions, regardless of the channel, in one place. 

As a result, agents are:

  • Well aware of the context of the conversation 
  • Capable of continually communicating with the customer more effectively
  • Able to swiftly advise the customer on the appropriate course of action
  • Quickly resolve an issue or gather information for further handling of the case
  • More responsive to incoming calls, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and ROI.

Enables Effective Routing

Often, inadequate or inefficient case-based routing increases the service delivery cost and affects the customer experience. However, ServiceNow CSM’s Customer Central allows businesses to route cases based on any key factors, such as customers’ preferred channels or self-service records, to the best agent in the organization.

This helps improve agent performance by positioning them as an integral part of the customer journey, which is critical to any business’s customer service strategy. Thanks to predictive intelligence, the issue routing is even more accurate, which in turn minimizes the number of back-and-forth interactions.

Leverages Automation

The manual processing of emails is time-consuming and could potentially introduce errors. Not to mention, the process is prone to inconsistencies. This is precisely why CSM empowers automatic case creation from emails, which:

  • Prevents the need to manually log cases
  • Reduces case-processing time significantly
  • Enhances the consistency and accuracy of the case-creation process
  • Ensures a positive impact on case management and service delivery time, as well as customer satisfaction ratings.

Automation also comes into the picture when virtual agents start off with the conversation or are called up via Autopilot to continue the agent-initiated messaging and avoid profanity. 

Optimizes Every Channel

Not just email, but almost every contact point of a business is now supported and enhanced by ServiceNow CSM. The case in point pertains to:

  • The integration of consumer messaging apps with the portal
  • The facility of virtual agents to speed up the response time
  • The use of NLP for driving personalized conversations on the phone
  • The facility of recording the conversational history on social media
  • The digital queue management for in-person


With increasingly diverse and complex customer interaction channels, businesses need a comprehensive customer service platform to alleviate all operational challenges. 

ServiceNow CSM is a perfect choice for this, as it offers a range of benefits that integrate the back, middle, and front offices to provide a seamless omnichannel customer experience.

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