The Importance of Building a Comprehensive Knowledge Base for Customer Support and How ServiceNow CSM Facilitates It

A customer service knowledgebase is a ready-to-read content repository for customers to find information that answers their questions and concerns. This information can range from product or service installation guides to troubleshooting documentation to FAQs. It’s a one-stop online library that is accessible at all times and is an integral contributor to the success of the customer service function.

Considering that 92% of the customers would prefer using self-service knowledgebase, organizations must build and maintain a comprehensive one in order to improve customer retention and satisfaction.

Once the knowledge base is created and ready, the content can be disseminated to the target audience in several different ways. It can be seamlessly linked with mobile applications, virtual agents, etc. This ensures that employees and customers have quick access to the right information at all times, leading to overall better service quality.

Along those lines, this article elaborates on the importance of building a comprehensive knowledge base and sheds light on the capabilities of ServiceNow CSM for facilitating its development and maintenance.

Why Is a Comprehensive Knowledgebase Important?

Here are some of the reasons why having a comprehensive knowledge base is important and will solve customer queries in no time.

1. Facilitates Self-Service

Since customer service knowledgebase is accessible anytime and incorporates all the information that a customer might need to resolve their queries, they can approach the problem or question in their own time, eliminating wait times. They don’t need to reach out to the helpdesk every time they have an issue.

2. Keeps Customers Engaged with Instant Solutions

The knowledge base includes content like step-by-step guides, how-to articles, FAQs, photo guides, videos, and troubleshooting steps to help customers fix post-purchase issues.

3. Supports Customer Support Representatives/Agents

The information in this repository can be used by support representatives to resolve common issues ahead of time, thus saving valuable time and providing customers with instant service and support. They can even direct customers to the right content.

4. Reduces Load on Traditional Support Channels

Since the knowledgebase is accessible to customers at all times, it reduces the load on traditional support channels like phone and email. The self-service capabilities facilitated and the comprehensiveness of knowledge delivered ensures that customers don’t need to wait for answers, reducing abandonment rates and improving the bottom line — all the while keeping the traditional support channels available for more complex cases.

How ServiceNow CSM Helps Build a Comprehensive Knowledgebase?

ServiceNow CSM allows businesses to share everything they want about their product/service. It enables them to create articles that offer information like self-help, troubleshooting, and task resolutions.

Users can access a portal view of knowledgebases and articles when they opt for this service. It is available by default for new customers. 

Note: Existing and new customers can activate the knowledge management service portal plugin if needed.

Favorably, the ServiceNow knowledgebase management increases self-service rates for customers and employees and boosts productivity thanks to relevant, contextual knowledge.

Here are some noteworthy features:

  • The ServiceNow CSM offers users a similar writing experience with seamless Microsoft Word Online integration.
  • Uses machine learning to identify and visualize knowledge gaps for assignments automatically.
  • The agents can also capture knowledge articles while managing cases or incidents.
  • Allows businesses to create reusable knowledge articles that help to reduce redundancy and, at the same time, improve productivity.
  • Offers customer and internal feedback with an out-of-the-box, closed-loop process.
  • Offers document management for businesses to easily access important company documents.
  • Allows for storing additional media like audio, video, and more.

ServiceNow Knowledge Management Process

ServiceNow follows a systematic flow for knowledgebase management that opens doors for improvements as and when needed. Here’s what the process looks like:

  • Capturing knowledge: Those who answer the customer requests create an article for solving the customer issue.
  • Structuring knowledge: The article is created with a specific template to maintain consistency and make it easy for the users to access.
  • Reusing knowledge: ServiceNow Knowledge Management also allows you to link similar articles and offers in-depth solutions to all users.
  • Improving knowledge: Users regularly review the documents offering feedback and allowing for possible improvements.

Key Takeaways

Nowadays, many businesses have started providing technical support via a knowledge base. As elucidated above, apart from benefiting the customers, this also helps the customer support team. They can be more efficient while responding to customer queries, lower the possibility of cases escalating, and cut down on time spent resolving issues.

Indeed, building a comprehensive knowledge base for customer support is important to enhance the customer experience. However, implementing such a vast online repository requires immense expertise – something that Xceltrait can help with.

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