The Real Business Value of ServiceNow ITSM

ServiceNow ITSM was named a “Leader” by Gartner in 2020 for the seventh consecutive year after it occupied the top position in the Magic Quadrant for IT Service Management Tools.

As such, each facet of the ServiceNow ITSM has contributed to its success in recent times, with improved IT and employee productivity, improved project performance, reduced business costs, and accelerated returns being the major driving forces (as revealed by Forrester).

However, even with such benefits involved, it becomes challenging for enterprises to actualize the adoption of ServiceNow ITSM. Perhaps the facilitation of abundant features complements the idea that this solution is sophisticated. 

But as it stands, it’s just the opposite. This article builds on the same and sheds light on the immense business value that ServiceNow ITSM offers. 

What exactly is ServiceNow ITSM Solution?

ServiceNow IT Service Management solution is an end-to-end set of processes driven by AI and hosted on the cloud that enables enterprises to prescribe how people work, behave and interact within an organization. By providing a common language for how employees think about and perform their job functions, it helps them ensure compliance with enterprise standards and enhance the user experience. 

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The Unique Features of ServiceNow ITSM 

ServiceNow ITSM is an end-to-end solution that works in favor of managing both the technical infrastructure and entities involved. Simply put, it allows the IT teams to set up workflows, assign resources, and measure the effectiveness of these same resources in the context of business processes.

  • All-in-one Cloud Platform: ServiceNow ITSM provides end-to-end visibility across the entire IT ecosystem for a seamless business operation courtesy of capabilities like incident management, change management, problem management, and configuration management. It manages to ensure compliance with existing regulations that hold organizations accountable for dealing with issues.
  • Advanced Analytics Capabilities: What begins with data visualization takes the form of resource prioritization, informed decision making, and alignment with the enterprise’s IT goals —all thanks to the expedition of performance analytics. Things get even better considering the availability of features like continual improvement management (CIM), service portfolio workspace, and vendor manager workspace, which add to the ability to harness data. 
  • Swift AI Resolutions: ServiceNow ITSM promises a 20% boost in productivity with a 24/7 virtual agent at disposal alongside the availability of an agile AI-powered agent workspace. This not only lessens the burden on the IT agents but also enhances the customer experience thanks to the swift delivery of resolutions with natural language virtual agents and AI-powered recommendations constantly helping and bridging the information gap between the customer and the human agent.
  • Seamless Workforce Integration: One of the best features of ServiceNow is its ability to automate and optimize the workforce by integrating and harmonizing disparate applications. This facilitates self-service, omni-channel interaction with customers, and it helps increase time spent on strategic tasks that add value to business goals and stay updated by keeping in touch with the ever-changing technologies. The “Now Platform” powered mobile app further eases the burden on employees, for they can access the knowledge base from the comfort of their mobile. 

ServiceNow ITSM – Direct Value for Businesses

Experian’s 50% reduction in incident management, MGM’s 5-second response time, and Univ of Maryland’s 75% reduction in resolution time are all testaments to ServiceNow ITSM’s strengths. 

Here’s how these strengths are realized for delivering immense value to businesses:

  • Ability to Rationalize Systems: ServiceNow ITSM helps organizations minimize the number of technical solutions that an enterprise needs to employ to optimize its IT service delivery. This empowers businesses to harmonize the IT landscape and connect all business units by streamlining the entire tech ecosystem under one centralized system.
  • Increased Enterprise Productivity: It again comes down to helping employees through the business processes so that they have time and resources to make informed decisions with quality data at their disposal. This is only possible when the time is significantly reduced for incident management, report generation, and the deployment of IT services.
  • Automation: ServiceNow ITSM makes it possible for the IT teams to delegate tasks to AI-powered agents, process automation, and AI-powered recommendations. This helps improve the system’s efficiency by automating redundant tasks and streamlining the support requests to provide ideal service to the customers for every transaction. 
  • Reduced Business Costs: With AI-powered agents at the disposal of IT agents, improved efficiency is guaranteed, leading to time and cost savings. This is possible by making the IT systems smarter with the right automation and collaboration tools. As a matter of fact, all the above reasons contribute to the reduction of the impact of outages. 
  • Customized Recommendations & Solutions: ServiceNow ITSM caters to the motive of continuous improvement. This is possible thanks to the data-driven insights from the service portfolio management, as well as the ability to customize solutions on a need-basis. Data is always at hand for the IT teams to generate actionable solutions, making them competent and effective at solving customer problems. 

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ServiceNow ITSM – Delivering the Real Business Impact 

With its simple user interface, intuitive design, and seamless workflow processes, ServiceNow ITSM is an ideal enterprise-grade IT solution for businesses of all sizes. From improving operations to enhancing the customer experience and optimizing the business costs to completely transforming the enterprise’s IT ecosystem, ServiceNow ITSM delivers complete visibility and control over business processes. It achieves such results through effective employment of automation, analytics, data, and intelligent workforce solutions — all of which add to its excellent value proposition for businesses.Connect with us to help us devise a comprehensive ITSM strategy for your enterprise.  

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