The Role of AI in Delivering Elevated IT Experiences

For organizations in the business of delivering IT services, the pressure to streamline operations and reduce costs while keeping up with customer expectations is at an all-time high. Yet, in the absence of the right technology systems in place, they find it extremely difficult – if not impossible – to deliver the level of services that their competitors provide, or customers expect. Modern ITSM solutions that are deeply integrated with AI can help transform the delivery of IT experiences that 

AI and its impact on the ITSM world 

Meeting the demands of customers today – most of which are millennials and Gen Z – requires organizations to move away from traditional approaches to ITSM and embrace technologies like AI that automate processes and leverage the power of data to draw predictions. In addition to helping organizations modernize their IT service delivery, AI can help drive new levels of productivity across the enterprise. AI empowers enterprises to: 

  • Leverage new insights and enable employees to work smarter and faster and unlock new levels of productivity.
  • Automate and streamline workflows to deliver not just great customer experiences but also impressive employee experiences. 
  • Quickly and easily make decisions, solve problems, find answers, and automate tasks – making service professionals’ lives simple, easy, and convenient.

ServiceNow ITSM and its AI capabilities 

ITSM pioneer ServiceNow delivers unmatched purpose-built, AI-enabled workflows that allow enterprises to digitize siloed, legacy processes and systems and power their digital transformations. By giving all the tools and capabilities that ITSM users need to work faster and smarter, it allows them to make better decisions via insights and recommendations.  

  • Reduce manual efforts: In the realm of ITSM, where IT issues and queries need to be resolved in the quickest and most efficient manner possible, AI can help reduce manual work (and errors) – greatly bringing down issue resolution time. Teams can make the most of out-of-the-box AI use case templates to build models and automate the change approval process – without writing any code. These supervised machine learning models can constantly analyze data to classify incidents at scale and uncover opportunities for improvement. 
  • Automate workflows to boost productivity: ITSM staff often face burnout due to the growing number of service issues that they constantly have to address. ServiceNow AI can help get work done smarter and faster through seamless automation. By automatically surfacing context-aware recommendations, predictions, and insights, it allows teams to act on-the-fly. Such task automation and content suggestions help agents solve issues faster and boost productivity and efficiency. 
  • Predict and solve issues before they become problems: How quickly agents can resolve customer issues has a great impact on the overall efficiency of the service organization. ServiceNow AI allows teams to better predict issues and automate actions. By leveraging virtual agents that are fully embedded in the Now Platform, users can get insight into potential issues while quickly identifying and triaging critical incidents. They can also easily initiate workflows with dynamic conversations, automate requests for quick resolutions anytime, anywhere, and keep up with RTO and RPO objectives. 
  • Ensure great customer and employee experiences: Successful ITSM is not just about great customer experiences, but also great employee experiences. With Now Intelligence built into the ServiceNow Platform, employees have 24×7 access to the tools and insights they need to boost productivity and deliver great customer experiences. AI-driven self-service capabilities mean employees and customers can always reach out to “always-on” virtual agents to get what they need and take action. What’s more, the Agent Affinity for Work Assignment feature allows customer service teams to leverage intelligent context to assign work to the best agent and further improve customer satisfaction. 
  • Enable better business decisions: Although quickly resolving issues is a critical success factor for ITSM organizations, continued success greatly depends on the ability to make decisions that help reduce incident numbers. ServiceNow’s AI capabilities enable organizations to drive transparency and alignment at all levels of the organization, providing teams and process owners with valuable insight into real-time patterns and trends. Such insights allow for more informed decision-making while providing the ability to quickly identify areas for improvement. 

As enterprises continue their digital transformation journeys, ServiceNow, with its AI-embedded capabilities allows them to drive better efficiencies across their ITSM organization. Using AI, service teams can reduce manual efforts, automate workflows, predict and solve issues before they become problems, enable better decisions, and ensure great customer and employee experiences – today and every day! 

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