Why Organizations Must Leverage the Power of ServiceNow Playbooks for Customer Service Management

Customer Service Management has a major role to play in customer loyalty, market reputation, and brand value of an organization. The organizations that succeed in offering exceptional customer services and support gain an edge in the market. Streamlined customer service management comes with the benefits of improved customer experience, better customer retention rate, enriched market performance, and higher revenues.

For organizations that have chosen ServiceNow CSM for their customer service operations, the Customer Service Playbooks offer useful guidance to help enterprises transform their customer service management processes for improved business results and delighted customers. 

The present business environment is very demanding. It is not enough for organizations to focus only on the front-end customer interactions. A solid sync between the front-end systems and the back-end processes is essential. ServiceNow Playbooks ensure end-to-end customer management by integrating customer engagement and service management processes. 

Approach, Design, and Functioning 

ServiceNow Playbooks offer detailed and step-by-step guidelines to execute the tasks that are required to resolve the specific categories of customer service cases.  The Playbooks assist organizations to effectively understand and manage the life cycles involved with customer service cases. Not all customer service cases involve the same workflows and steps. The playbooks describe the specific workflows based on the case type to resolve the case and improve the customer engagement levels.

The  playbooks break the workflow into easily manageable stages with every stage comprising of –

  • A set of activities/steps for the agent to carry out 
  • Status indicators to recognize the state of the activity/step 
  • Check-boxes to spot the agent in the specific workflow 

The design of the ServiceNow Playbooks is based on the Process Automation Designer platform. The platform allows the process owners to integrate numerous cross-enterprise workflows in a unified process. It also presents a task-oriented view of the process for in-depth analysis and understanding. 

By using the Process Automation Designer platform, business process owners can 

  • Create end-to-end business workflows by integrating a wide range of flows and actions 
  • Automate the customer service management process by using the flows and associated sub-flows offered by the Flow Designer 
  • Make it easy for end-users to complete a process through an easy-to-understand task interface 
  • Consolidate business processes across the organization and seamlessly exchange data between activities and stages 
  • Easily visualize activities and stages of the process

Types of ServiceNow Playbooks

ServiceNow Playbooks recognize the different types of customer service cases that an organization may be required to manage and resolve. Looking at these requirements, there are three types of ServiceNow Playbooks available in the store. 

Case Playbook for On-boarding 

Every business organization wishes to expand its customer base by continuous on-boarding of new customers. The new customers often have several queries and require careful service management to maintain their engagement and interest levels. The case playbook is specifically developed to manage the on-boarding of new customers for a business firm or new customers for a new product/service launched by the organization.

This playbook includes multiple stages and each of these stages has multiple steps. The on-boarding playbook has initiate, pre-approval, data capture, due diligence, resolve, and close as the stages to manage the customer service during the on-boarding process. 

Case Playbook for Complaints 

Customers often have various questions and complaints about support and maintenance, a specific function or feature, pricing, and other such reasons.

Organizations need the ability to manage and resolve customer complaints with quick response and turnaround time. The case playbook for complaints specifies the processes to efficiently handle customer complaints. The end-to-end lifecycle is captured in the playbook to resolve the complaints and retain the customers.

The complaints playbook includes the intake, triage, research, respond, resolve, and close stages. 

Case Playbook for Product Support 

Customer service agents deployed by organizations must have the essential product knowledge to resolve the product support issues. The case playbook for product support includes information for the support agents on troubleshooting steps and activities to resolve the concerns of the customers. 

The product support playbook has investigate, work in progress, and resolve and close as the three stages. The first stage enables the support agent to carry out initial research to understand the product support issue. The second stage covers the processes and flows to create tasks as required and allocate these tasks to the users. The last stage includes the procedures to resolve and close the case as per the solutions identified by the support agent. 

Leverage the Power of ServiceNow Customer Service Playbooks 

ServiceNow Playbooks are created after extensive research and analysis. The overall lifecycle of customer service management is classified into activities and stages to determine the possible workflows. These playbooks can be of significant assistance to organizations to manage the customer on-boarding, handle customer complaints, and manage product support concerns. These playbooks can help them confidently transform their customer service operations and create delightful customer service experiences. 

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