Why Organizations Need Consumer-Like Work Experiences with ITSM Applications

ITSM applications have long been enabling organizations to rely on precise, repeatable, and manageable IT processes to deliver seamless customer service experiences. These applications bring a lot to the table: right from well-defined roles and responsibilities to clear expectations from service availability, improved transparency, minimized outages, lower costs, and higher returns. But very often, in the race to deliver unmatched customer experiences, organizations compromise on the experiences that users of these ITSM applications expect (and deserve). 

The need for consumer-like work experiences 

As an ITSM-centric organization, you might be delivering modern and seamless services and experience to your customers: you might be responding to their needs in time and addressing their issues for a gratifying ITSM experience. But have you ever wondered if you’re delivering the same satisfaction to your ITSM users? Users, who are the backbone of your ITSM organization, without whom you wouldn’t be able to deliver the experiences you’re delivering to your customers?

Today’s tech-savvy users are extremely finicky about the experiences they enjoy at their workplace. Most often, they expect the same innovation, sophistication, and finesse in their professional lives as they get to enjoy in their personal lives including: 

  • The ability to resolve common issues on own and drive better value from strategic tasks.
  • The opportunity to embrace automation to eliminate mundane and tedious administrative work – especially relating to approvals. 
  • The luxury of a frictionless user interface that includes clicking, tapping, or swiping through screens to respond to customer issues. 
  • An easy way to get access to the information they need, when they need it, where they need it, and via a device of their choice. 
  • The option to generate personalized dashboards and reports pertaining to their specific job role. 

How ServiceNow ITSM enables consumer-like work experiences 

For ITSM organizations that rely on time-consuming, repetitive, routine tasks that take experts away from higher value, productive experiences, ServiceNow delivers an array of capabilities that bridge the gap between professional and personal experiences. 

Using modern technology, it allows organizations to offer consumer-like work experiences, so users can avoid performing manual tasks and focus on being productive. It is through these great experiences that organizations can enhance employee productivity and job satisfaction and pave the way for greater retention. 

Here’s how ServiceNow offers consumer-like work experiences that help overcome traditional approaches to ITSM: 

  1. A centralized platform: In contrast to an era where most organizations delivered ITSM services by relying on different portals, systems, and processes, ServiceNow ITSM offers a centralized platform that allows employees to get the information they need in an integrated repository. By bringing all processes, and workflows together in a unified system, it breaks down the silos existing between different departments while allowing them to view a single dashboard with all activities happening that day. This reduces the time and effort taken by them to scan through different systems across IT, HR, Workplace Services, Legal, and Finance. It also accelerates the issue resolution process while enhancing customer satisfaction. Employees can also submit requests, seek approvals, or resolve issues on the go, using their mobile devices for improved satisfaction. 
  2. Standardized workflows: Traditional ITSM processes and legacy solutions required employees to spend a lot of time manually coordinating with their peers to get the required data and approvals. Such fragmented and inconsistent experiences made it difficult to drive required outcomes while complexity and poor coordination often delayed response and resolution time. ServiceNow allows organizations to standardize common workflows, thus transforming employee experiences. It allows for views to be personalized for different employees, so they only see the information that is relevant to them. Such standardization across various touch-points enables employees to quickly and efficiently bring their tasks to closure while strengthening their bond with the organization.
  3. Self-help portal: Whether there is a need to authorize access, repair equipment, or update customer information, today’s employees want to be able to do all these on their own – without depending on expert resources or going through a long and cumbersome approval process. ServiceNow offers a self-help portal that enables employees to submit cases, resolve issues, and edit requests themselves or interact with virtual agents and chatbots to get the answers they need. Using a bunch of modern tools, employees can configure, customize, and extend portal components and enjoy an experience similar to what they use in their personal lives. Such capabilities can enable employees to avoid back-and-forth emails and phone calls, get the information they need via the portal, and resolve issues on their own for improved satisfaction. 

Most organizations today have woken up to the importance of taking a customer-centric approach to drive value and success. But rarely do they realize that seamless customer experiences are a direct outcome of how seamless employee experiences are. As the expectations of employees increase, they want their professional lives to be as user-friendly and modern as their personal lives. 

This means being able to enjoy a mobile-centric ITSM experience that brings together data and systems from different departments, standardizes workflows, and allows them to resolve issues on their own – without having to contact or seek approvals from expert resources. 

ServiceNow’s ITSM platform offers a range of modern capabilities that are defined by employee actions, emotions, and expectations, paving the way for great consumer-like work experiences for improved satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. 

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