7 Products in ServiceNow CSM That Make Customer Service Management A Breeze

As per KPMG, high-quality customer service is the most crucial factor after product quality and value in ensuring that customers become brand evangelists.

Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that:

  • Customer experience is the primary focus of 68% of marketers.
  • 73% of consumers switch brands when they have a negative customer experience.

Essentially, it’s no secret that customers are the cornerstone of business success. But how to ensure that the customers are happy? How to make customer service management a breeze. The answer lies in ServiceNow CSM.

ServiceNow CSM helps reduce the response time of customer support, increase the first customer contact resolution rate, improve interdepartmental collaboration, solve customer issues, enhance customer retention, and much more. The solution goes beyond conventional solutions to accelerate customer service and proactively resolve all customer problems. 

ServiceNow CSM Highlights

  • Customer Service Automation: Intelligent automation to route cases to relevant employees and gain visibility into the case lifecycle.
  • Proactive resolution of customer issues: Monitoring services and workflows to identify issues and them faster.
  • Expansion of self-service: Automating customer requests, embedding self-service, and providing answers with an AI-powered chatbot
  • Mobile connectivity: Enabling customers to access customer service on mobile anywhere at any time easily.

7 Products in ServiceNow CSM to Enhance Customer Service Management

Here are the seven products in ServiceNow CSM that make it such a powerful solution in customer service management. 

1. Case Management

Case management solution collects the details related to customer questions or issues to ensure quick resolution. It also supplies reliable insights and detailed analytics in the context of customer support requests. Here’s a rundown of the benefits it accrues.

  • Better customer resolution: With detailed insights into the root causes of issues and real-time analytics, customer issues can be thoroughly and promptly resolved, along with effective report generation.
  • Reduced human error: Businesses can have a single-pane view of every case. With all the resources in hand, agents can act confidently without worrying about inefficiencies creeping in.
  • Simplified task management – Simplify complex cases by breaking down the tasks into smaller goals. 
  • Workflow automation – Automate the essential workflows to track task completion and accelerate case resolution.
  • Agent activity management – Manage and track the customer service agents to achieve better work transparency and a clear picture of employee productivity and performance.

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2. Account Management

It is an extension of the customer operations team and provides a 360-degree view of customers’ key contacts, locations, preferences, and account relationships. Here’s how it empowers enterprises:

  • Advocacy: Account management is a liaison between the ServiceNow experts and the customer’s organization to deliver recommendations that are well aligned with customers’ business objectives.
  • Expertise: Understands and analyzes the environment to allow for the facilitation of informed guidance.
  • Single point of contact: Helps manage open incidents and coordinate technical support issues on behalf of customers.

3. Entitlement Management

This product records detailed information about the type of support provided to customers within the service contract record. 

  • Visibility of customer ownership: Provides details such as subscription and service support needs that are key to assessing cross-selling and renewal opportunities.
  • Usage details: Helps businesses understand whether customers use more than they have purchased.

4. Contract Management

It includes the customer’s overall contract, account details, and service level agreements. Contract management helps with the following:

  • Assign and automate contracts: Assign contracts to relevant team members and automate their approval/renewal process.
  • Track terms and conditions of contract: Track contracts to make them searchable instantly. It also helps businesses maintain version control for documents.
  • Centralized dashboard: Get a centralized overview of contracts and reports that notify essential information about the contract and pending tasks.

5) Product and Asset Management

This component helps businesses identify the individual product instances and product models owned by the customers. It tracks the user requests and asset models while ensuring consistent asset availability.

  • Automate inventory management: Track and maintain the inventory of hardware, devices, and even non-IT assets.
  • Seamless IT asset provisioning: Manage IT asset requests easily by streamlining the organization’s asset provisioning process.

6) Knowledge Management

It captures relevant information about the products, services, and organization, enabling customer service agents to find the answers quickly.

  • Knowledge base: Supplies self-help articles, task resolution tips, and troubleshooting practices.
  • Knowledge service portal: Enables users to access portal view of the knowledge base for easy access of information for customers and agents.
  • Feedback system: Supports creating, categorizing, reviewing, and approving the knowledge base articles. Users can easily provide feedback.

7. Communities

This solution delivers a customized and self-service experience to customers. Here’s how:

  • Collective support: Connect, collaborate, and engage with your customers, employees, and partners. 
  • Quick responses: Get instant responses to customer issues by posing questions, searching for earlier discussions, and reviewing the posted content.

Start Leveraging These ServiceNow CSM Products to Ace Your Customer Service Management

Owing to the invariably proliferating customer expectations, it is impossible to manage customer service manually. Thankfully, ServiceNow CSM simplifies and streamlines this task. 

Looking to customize and implement a CSM solution for the unique needs of your business? Talk to a ServiceNow specialist today. 

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