ServiceNow CSM – Helping Enterprises Deliver Greater Customer Experiences Through Superior Agent Experiences

ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) scored great during Forrester’s economic impact analysis, which was carried out by collecting data from different high-grade IT organizations that had implemented it. The estimations targeted at a period of three years projected an ROI of 176% with a Net Profit Value (NPV) of $8.75m.  

Such prominence is the reason why ServiceNow CSM featured as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Engagement Center for the second year in a row. 

Undoubtedly, ServiceNow CSM is the solution enterprises need to ward off the roadblocks that agents face while striving to enhance the customer experience. It delivers an agent experience that is differentiated by innovative and appealing leading-edge features, deep integrations with other enterprise systems, and a collaborative agent environment designed to improve productivity.

As a result, businesses find themselves equipped with the potent weapon of employee satisfaction and loyalty, thus laying the foundation for high-grade customer service. 

Here’s How ServiceNow CSM Helps with Superior Agent Experiences

The Facilitation of Streamlined Agent Workspace

The CSM solution has been designed with the agent in mind to make it easy to access the information and tools needed in the course of completing tasks. As such, it enables agents to manage their tasks with precision and clarity, and most importantly, all at once. This is accomplished through the expedition of an all-in-one (phone, chat, messaging) desktop access alongside Playbooks guides. The latter empowers agents with comprehensive insights into the long-running cases and mentors them throughout for effective and swift resolution. Add the facility of interactive, minimalistic, and easy-to-operate landing pages to the mix, and agents have got all that they need to deliver a superior customer experience.

The Availability of Customer-Specific Information

Data is paramount in this day and age, and ServiceNow CSM realizes that. This is exactly why the CSM solution makes available a centralized view defining the customer data (as in the historical customer service records/interactions with human or virtual agents). Things become even better with the facility of incorporating data from disparate channels and sources. For instance, CSM can inform about the recent transactions, customer health score, amongst others. Such comprehensive information empowers the agents to base their services on accurate data and be as customer-centric in their approach as they can be. 

The Facility of Multi-Channel Support

A lot of times, agents are bombarded with tasks from disparate channels of customer contact, which aren’t optimized for the support process. However, with the facility of CSM supporting both traditional and contemporary contact channels, it becomes easy for agents to consolidate and manage all the voices that matter to the customer at a go – essentially unifying an organization’s communications with customers. Even platforms like Facebook Messenger can be added to the support process. All in all, the agent remains in control of the workflows regardless of which channel is used.

The Advanced Process of Assigning Work

One of the most pertinent issues that both enterprises and agents face pertains to the ineffective routing of customer requests. This is because the agents’ abilities to relieve themselves of the back-and-forth communications and lack of visibility into the situation (such as prolonged case duration) can hamper their abilities to be productive and the enterprise’s ability to assign the task to the best person possible. The “best” here reflects upon the idea of availability, skills, experience, and affinity — all of which are concretely addressed by ServiceNow CSM. It allows the enterprises to define specific criteria for routing and assign work that takes into account the aforementioned “best” factors. 

The Knowledge base Feature – Agent Assist

Perhaps one of the best things that ServiceNow’s CSM does is that it makes available a wealth of information regarding the different cases. This is because CSM acts as an integrated one-stop shop for customer service, allowing the enterprise to leverage other enterprise systems to boost its know-how and bring in added value via knowledge base articles and case records.

The Elimination of the Switching Issue

Forrester’s analysis reflects upon the troubles of interviewed organizations regarding customer issues being switched within staff agents. Staff agents, too, find themselves in situations where they have to make executive decisions in the face of conflicting data. However, one thing is for certain: it makes no sense when a customer request that has been routed to a particular agent must be forwarded to another one – only for the results to be the same. CSM’s employment means that integrations are seamless, and agents don’t feel the need to refer to different hierarchies for problems.


It’s clear as day that adopting ServiceNow CSM enables better decision-making across multiple departments, allows for quick responses to customers, and facilitates a seamless working environment for all the employees. This is due to the super-efficient working interface for agents that ensures an easy-to-comprehend and easy-to-manage workflow altogether optimizing the customer support process. 

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