Extend Self-Service Across Multiple Web Properties with ServiceNow Engagement Messenger

A 2021 study targeted at understanding customer re-purchase motivations revealed that customer trust, commitment, and satisfaction are fundamental to customer-brand relationship quality in the long run. The study further stressed end-to-end experience as the driver to nurturing this relationship. 

With the proliferating digital landscape, the opportunities to enhance this experience are manifold. But at the same time, businesses suffer from service fragmentation and non-linear customer journeys. Well, customers have questions; they research before making a purchase; they want to feel comfortable and make the right decision.

And so, mapping the customer journeys from product discovery to purchase to customer support and leveraging this data to provide a personalized customer experience makes sense but isn’t a cakewalk by any means.

For bridging this digital divide, businesses invest heavily in customer support portals, especially self-service options. But these, too, remain disintegrated at best since they necessitate users to deviate from their path to voice out the need for support. 

ServiceNow Engagement Messenger, a significant component of Customer Service Management (CSM), has been designed to ease workflows and reduce friction with end-to-end self-service options. As such, it allows businesses to create and extend unified servicing options across multiple web properties — enabling customers to get answers right where they need them.

Transforming Self-Service with Engagement Messenger 

Part of the ServiceNow CSM suite, Engagement Messenger, is a fool-proof customer service solution that helps prevent side trips and allows customers to remain intact with their journeys. This low-code customizable solution facilitates seamless integration across web properties, i.e., it can be embedded across web pages or provided as a facility via custom links on channels such as email. Let’s dig into the features of Engagement Messenger and further understand how it advances self-service experiences.

Intelligent AI Search

The AI Search capabilities of ServiceNow are on full display in the Engagement Messenger app, as it steers customers to the right channels based on search criteria. If a customer searches for help with a specific product, the AI Search is capable of scanning through the hyper-relevant resources from the knowledge base. 

To further the case, customers are provided the facility to share their feedback on the material they found useful and vice versa in the application itself. This feedback is then aggregated to help tailor future versions of the material and ensure it remains up to date.

Holistic Case Management

To keep the interactions smooth, Engagement Messenger helps with end-to-end case management. This translates to:

  • Customers submitting their support requests or inquiries
  • Customers can track the resolution status in real-time
  • Customers get notified and reminded when a case gets resolved or updated
  • Customers being able to go through past case records
  • Customers being facilitated to participate in the resolution wherever necessary

As such, Engagement Messenger reduces the amount of back-and-forth between the customer and the support team, helping them reach a solution faster. Case management facilities further extend to scheduling walk-up appointments and expediting field service management. 

Virtual Agent

AI-powered chatbots are very popular, and rightly so. They allow businesses to improve self-service and inject more personalization into engaging with customers. This holds true for the Engagement Messenger app, ushering in virtual agents that provide a more personalized experience and reduce friction by adjusting the conversation flow based on previous communication patterns.

Plus, these chatbots can use the knowledge base and service-based catalog items. They carry the weight of thorough training, customer segmentation, and personalized service delivery for levels of simplicity, precision, and efficiency.

Live Chat

To cater to customers who are more inclined towards chatting with a human, ServiceNow provides a Live Agent Chat feature within Engagement Messenger. Using the Chat widget, customers can choose between virtual or live agents to solve their queries, allowing businesses to cater to customers with varying degrees of technical awareness. 

The chatbots aren’t suspended here; if a customer requires more personal attention, they can opt for live agent chat at the click of a button. Plus, the inclusion of humans right at the surface allows ServiceNow to extend Messenger’s capabilities to support asynchronous chats. 

This is a relatively unique feature that marries the best of both worlds: instant messaging and long-running conversations. Asynchronous chats can last up to days if not weeks. Whenever the agent or the customer is online, the chat session is automatically resumed. This significantly reduces wait times, as customers can get their queries answered proactively, especially in those cases where their participation becomes necessary. 

Engagement Messenger Does More Than Extending Self-Service

Undoubtedly, the self-service extension across web properties is what defines Engagement Messenger. However, while making this happen, this ServiceNow solution does so much more. For example, it paves the way for:

  • Reduced Customer Effort: Throughout the journey, customers don’t feel the need to get to the wayside to reach out to the support team. If a customer needs a product manual or help on an existing case, they can access relevant resources right from the web page through embedded Engagement Messenger. 
  • Increased ROI: Because customers don’t have to leave the trail, knowledge base, service catalogs, and other resources get greater access to potential clients. This translates to increased revenue for businesses and an enhanced customer experience

Looking Beyond Self-Service Portals with Engagement Messenger

With Engagement Messenger, ServiceNow is showing how digital transformation can be achieved. The entire digital landscape is being revamped to take on a more personal touch. This doesn’t call for loading up websites with unnecessary bells and whistles but looking at how the technology can be used to simplify human interactions. 

By preventing unnecessary side visits and scaling up self-service, customers get to fully enjoy the experience of interacting with businesses right where they are. And, when customers get to do more with less effort, businesses move one step closer to achieving tangible results from their investments.

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