Why You Should NOT Build Your Own ServiceNow Maintenance and Support Team

Given the pressure organizations are under to deliver on their promises and meet constantly evolving customer expectations, digitizing business processes and workflows is a great first step towards business growth and resiliency. 

ServiceNow empowers employees with all the capabilities they need and when they need, so they can do their jobs efficiently and be as productive as they can with their day-to-day tasks. 

But to maximize the impact of their ServiceNow investments, enterprises need to constantly introduce new functionality and features based on their changing business needs. Building an in-house ServiceNow maintenance and support team to keep up with changing trends might seem like the best way to enhance the performance and relevance of your ServiceNow instance. But given how complex the ServiceNow platform is, opting for an experienced partner can lead to far better results. 

The challenges of building your own ServiceNow support and maintenance team

Although embracing a platform like ServiceNow helps organizations in quickly unlocking modern capabilities and scaling their customer service and IT operations, most organizations need to be able to make the most of their investment – as soon and as efficiently as possible. 

For this, they often depend on their in-house ServiceNow and maintenance team to enhance their existing implementations, upgrade instances to the latest versions, and design and develop completely new modules – to stay relevant. 

But addressing ongoing functioning while delivering high-quality service to support business users and drive platform adoption is extremely challenging. With 2 ServiceNow releases a year, a changing roadmap, and new features and capabilities constantly being added, it becomes extremely difficult for your own team to match the pace of change. Add to it the rate of staff turnover and the gaps in skills across ServiceNow architecture, operational oversight, and ITSM knowledge. Expecting your in-house team to drive efforts in enhancing the ServiceNow instance, meet platform app requests, automate workflows, and keep up the momentum for quick ROI is too far-fetched. 

An in-house team, although competent, is not sufficient to keep up with changing needs. 

Here are some challenges with building your own ServiceNow maintenance and support team: 

  • Given the fierce competition, finding skilled resources that have deep expertise and technical know-how of the ServiceNow platform is extremely difficult. 
  • Scaling the team as per the changing business needs  requires extreme agility in hiring – which is extremely challenging given the dearth of ServiceNow professionals in the market. 
  • Even if organizations do succeed in hiring the required resources for managing their ServiceNow instance, retaining them is an on-going struggle. 

The benefits of getting an expert ServiceNow partner on board

You need an experienced ServiceNow partner, if

  • You want to get your ServiceNow implementation up and running – on-time and within budget
  • You want to deliver true transformation through automation and integrated processes 
  • You want to leverage niche expertise to get the maximum ROI from the ServiceNow investments
  • You want to be able to identify (and fill) the gaps between their ServiceNow strategy and industry best practices while modernizing your legacy platforms and building new capabilities by moving to the cloud 

A reliable partner with deep domain knowledge and a ServiceNow technology talent pool can help you gain the most value from your ServiceNow implementation and help you achieve your goals quickly and cost-effectively. 

With a partner on board, you can: 

  • Choose from flexible service models: Qualified and competent partners offer a range of simple and flexible services to fit the support and maintenance needs of your organization. Since partners offer a range of services from hour-based to fully-managed models, you can be assured to always receive transparent and flexible consumption-based services – via consistent and predictable monthly pricing. 
  • Get access to a pool of expert resources: Given the speed at which new capabilities are constantly introduced by ServiceNow, a partner can provide access to a pool of expert resources who have all the skills and proficiency needed to get the most of your ServiceNow instance. Specialists with broad and deep ServiceNow platform knowledge can bring with them proven operational, release, and upgrade processes and procedures for best returns. 
  • Meet the demands of users: A ServiceNow partner has years of experience and expertise in managing the ServiceNow platform. Because experts have immense knowledge regarding common challenges as well as best practices, they can help you in tracking and monitoring the performance of your platform for greater transparency and visibility, so you can better meet the demands of your users. 
  • Enjoy the benefits of a global delivery model: Because a partner usually operates via a global delivery model, you can leverage a range of on-demand services that provide additional value-added capabilities across platform assessments, requirements gathering, and enhancements. Using proven processes and around-the-clock service, you can be sure to get support at the right time, at the right place, and by the right people. 
  • Maximize ROI: By having expert resources design, implement, manage, and support your ServiceNow instance, you can make sure to achieve maximum ROI from your ServiceNow investment. The qualified pool of ServiceNow experts will rely on time-tested best practices to provide the support you need to efficiently run your ServiceNow platform – 24×7. 

Whether you want end-to-end Managed Services or require just a handful of expert resources to augment your existing ServiceNow team, a qualified ServiceNow partner can offer the expertise you need, in your choice of service model to efficiently run, maintain, and enhance the performance and functionality of your ServiceNow platform. 

Contact Xceltrait today to choose from a series of flexible solutions to support your enterprise’s ServiceNow environment, enhance the capabilities of your support team, and significantly reduce the cost and risks related to hiring and retaining skilled resources. 

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