ServiceNow Powering the Low-Code Movement with App Engine Management Center

The low-code buzz has been around for some time, and many organizations are now embracing it by transforming their IT into a more agile, business-focused environment. 

To be precise, the seeds for the low-code movement were sown during the 1970s. Now, it has become the new norm in almost every software category. 

Some interesting stats affirming the same:

  • A study by Forrester estimates that spending in the low-code development category would exceed $20 billion in 2022.
  • Gartner estimates that the low-code application platforms would serve 65% of the app development domain by 2024.

The constant technological updates fueled by the pandemic have forced companies to move digital almost overnight. And amid this ever-proliferating digital landscape, citizen developers are building functional applications without writing a single line of code.

At present, when most enterprises focus on creating new business models, enhancing employee productivity, optimizing workflows, and delivering a great customer experience — the time has never been better to leverage ServiceNow App Engine. It helps in creating enterprise-grade applications with low programming efforts. Let’s explore it in more detail.

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ServiceNow App Engine Management Center

IDC forecasts that 750 million new apps will be developed between 2023 and 2025. To that end, it has become critical for development teams and citizen developers to adopt innovations to enable higher efficiency and governance. 

ServiceNow App Engine Management Center (AEMC) unleashes innovation across business IT operations with low-code app development governance. AEMC is a low-code governance solution to scale and safeguard the application development process with an easy-to-use app engine. 

The platform administrators can apply development standards, set guardrails, enable collaboration between business and IT processes, and check for compliance in a single place. Moreover, AEMC helps manage various aspects of low-code app development, from developing the application, monitoring pipelines, taking collaboration requests, and deploying tasks. 

How App Engine Management Center Supports Low-code Initiatives?

ServiceNow follows an ideal low-code approach as the app engine developers can quickly start with pre-built components, speed up the development process, rapidly build desktop and mobile applications, digitize, and automate workflows. 

Below are some cutting-edge features that support low-code development initiatives:

  • Ready-to-use service portal, service catalog, virtual assistant, workspaces, and knowledge management portal to create and provide feature-rich and personalized applications. 
  • An excellent framework for data modeling.
  • The Flow designer automation tool that can be used to create end-to-end workflows. Moreover, the process automation designer enables the creation of complex business workflows.
  • ServiceNow integration hub that provides connectivity support to infrastructure, applications, and platforms for custom integration with low- or no-code.
  • A collaborative environment for application development across departments without any need for IT skills to relinquish control and governance of the platform.

Benefits of App Engine Management Center

Reduces Strain on the IT Department

The low-code development platform offers the capability of developing high-end applications without necessitating extensive coding knowledge. As such, the non-IT staff and business analysts can leverage low-code application development on the ServiceNow platform to develop innovative business solutions. The App development engine provides a centralized view to manage and control the project while leveraging a collaborative environment for developers. 

Increases Delivery Speed

With the increasing number of IT requests from various stakeholders, businesses can develop simple applications with ServiceNow low-code development platforms and allocate more complex native programming to IT experts. When some workload is shifted from IT developers to citizen developers, the business can fulfill more service requests in a shorter time, thus, saving cost and increasing the speed of delivery.

Promotes Mobile-First

Users can be more productive and easily get their work done on mobile apps. Favorably, it’s easier to engage users anywhere on any device with the App Engine. With the ServiceNow Mobile Studio, enterprises can build robust applications that are compatible with multiple devices and platforms. 

Ensures Security

With Now Intelligence, businesses can work much more competently. The platform is embedded with AI and analytics to help businesses make better business decisions. It also allows the creation of solutions by adding machine learning and analytics to business applications, thus speeding up software development. 

With the incorporation of ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence into business applications:

  • The work can be classified automatically
  • It can be routed to the relevant people
  • The right content can be pushed
  • Recommendations to optimize and automate workflows can be provided
  • Issues can be solved faster, etc.

Facilitates Easy-to-Use Architecture

Application development is a costly, lengthy, and laborious process. While it takes a while to create a sound application, the ServiceNow App engine significantly reduces the time to development by providing easy-to-use drag and drop features with simple integration and support tools. The platform enables businesses to leverage pre-built components instead of committing to an extensive coding process.

Start Your Successful Digital Transformation Journey with ServiceNow App Engine

Conventional development is a cumbersome and slow process due to manifold IT backlogs and the existence of shadow IT problems. 

ServiceNow App Engine changes this development game with powerful and speedy app development while connecting businesses with out-of-the-box IT workflows. 

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